As a homeowner who lives close to downtown Oneonta, I would like to take issue with the continual stream of negative comments about the Lofts on Dietz project.

I walk to downtown frequently and can definitively say that the Dietz Street parking lots were rarely full before the construction project began and that remains the case today even with fewer spaces. There is also ample parking in the city parking garage, which is a short walk from Main Street, and street parking on Main Street and other streets.

People are always complaining in Oneonta about the lack of economic development, falling population and lack of business for downtown stores. The Lofts on Dietz will help reinvigorate downtown with more residents who will spend their dollars in Oneonta.

It will also add to the cultural vibrancy of our city by bringing in more artists.

Finally, it will help provide additional affordable housing for middle income residents and will house Hartwick College’s Grain Innovation Center.

Enough negativity already!

Would you prefer that your state tax dollars be spent outside of our city? This model has succeeded in other New York cities like Peekskill and Poughkeepsie.

We are never going to grow as a city if people have such little perspective that they gripe about losing a few (mostly empty) parking spaces instead of looking ahead to the future.

Matthew Hendley


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