One of the most problematic yet well accepted lies in our society today is that one can be a homosexual and a Christian at the same time.

Any true church that teaches sound doctrine from the Bible knows that homosexuality will prevent anyone, not just atheists, from entering God’s Kingdom.

When the apostle Paul spoke out against homosexuality in Romans 1:26-27, those words couldn’t have been more clear, which is why it still baffles many Christians today that there are so many people attending churches who say that Jesus Christ approves of homosexuality.

There are just too many Scriptures in the Bible that clarify Christ’s position on this topic for any one of us to be confused. When homosexuals are confronted with overwhelming evidence from the Bible, science and the way the human body was designed, they can only justify their beliefs and behavior if they reject the Bible and Christianity altogether.

If we try to serve two masters, it’s only a matter of time before we find ourselves loving one and hating the other. A choice has to be made here.

But in all fairness to homosexuals and the LGBTQ community, people can’t give what they don’t have. They cannot believe or accept something they were never taught.

Maybe the real problem is that certain churches and people who claim to be Christians have sent homosexuals confusing, mixed messages. Then, when those churches start accepting the homosexual message and agenda, so that larger numbers of people will fill the pews, the confusion increases all the more.

As much as I have spoken out against homosexuality, based on what the Bible says, I now understand that any pastor or Christian who teaches that homosexuality is acceptable to Jesus Christ is much worse. Fundamentally, they are the cause of it.

Jason Hewlett


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