The Sept. 25 article regarding positive developments at Amphenol was terrific. All residents of Sidney and the surrounding area are enthusiastic about Amphenol’s decision to stay in Sidney and the beneficial impact of this decision on the more than 1,000 workers and their families. 

It is not overstating it to say that Amphenol and its employees are critical to our local economy. 

The same paper also had an article about the Constitution Pipeline. Sidney and other communities in the region have established local gas distribution franchises which will allow homeowners and businesses — including Amphenol — to receive the benefits of low-cost and cleaner natural gas supply. Amphenol has publicly stated that getting natural gas into their facility will reduce energy costs by approximately 30 percent and make their business more competitive with others in their industry.

We are all aware of the tough winter we had last year. Natural gas will allow our citizens to save a significant amount of money each year. Typical Upstate residential consumers saved between $1,500 and $2,000 using natural gas to heat their homes compared to those who only had access to heating oil and propane.

Bringing the Constitution Pipeline into service will save costs not just for businesses like Amphenol but also our hard-pressed homeowners. Natural gas service in Sidney is a critical part to making our area more affordable for citizens and more competitive for our businesses. State and federal regulators should approve this pipeline without further delay.

Andrew Matviak


Matviak is mayor of the village of Sidney.

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