America’s democracy, logic and image are being challenged as we rapidly drift toward becoming subjects of Dictator Putin. Points of pride for America have been altered. Now we’re separated into “slaves” and “rich uncaring slave owners.” It’s a much more efficient form of slavery. A worker dies or quits and is replaced with a good minimum-wage worker desperate for a second job to pay for things like staggeringly expensive health care.

On top of federal, state, excise and sales taxes, many of our purchases will include a 25% hidden Chinese import tax paid by U.S. importers. These offsets are called tax shifting. After the first recent tax cuts, I saw one of the Koch brothers arrogantly smirking while saying the tax cut saves them $26 million a week.

A minimum-wage earner pays about $2,200 annually to IRS in addition to sales, Social Security, Medicare, excise, New York and now 25% Chinese import taxes. I do not believe Republicans who drone on about “Your taxes have been cut!”

Even with great Obama momentum, Republicans added almost a trillion during the first year to the national debt, and are now on course for adding over a trillion during the president’s second year, a strong increasing rate. His motto: “Only suckers pay taxes!”

His speeches have hinted at bankruptcy for America. Your treasury bonds and bank guarantees would be worthless.

Rich corporate Republican farmers are getting what they voted for for decades: representatives who ignore climate change. Current flood, hurricane and tornado rates are zooming. We slaves pay billions in bailouts, plus they sell crops, expanding their riches. Intense burning of carbon fuels for 100 years has released stored energy, which has added heat, which brings about expansion and evaporation of water, flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes and violent winds, which spread huge forest fires.

Charlie Pierce 



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