Following the historic Senate second acquittal of Donald Trump, someone needs to write a follow up to JFK’s Pulitzer Prize winning book, "Profiles in Courage," called "Profiles in Cowardice."

Though there are enough people in Congress whose cowardly profiles would fill a thick volume, one could easily devote the first three chapters to Senators Graham, Rubio and Cruz. During the 2016 campaign, all three of these “statesmen” vehemently warned their party against the disaster that awaited should the con-man, Donald Trump, be elected.

But once Trump had the nomination, Lindsay Graham has managed to match every insult Donald Trump ever leveled at him with an obsequious attempt at flattery, as though that would gain Trump’s respect.

Marco Rubio, himself once considered a serious candidate for president, has more than lived up to and will now forever be known by the label Trump bullied him with in 2016, “Little Marco.”

And Ted Cruz has worked through his own contortions to pay obeisance to the man who once suggested that his own father had participated in the plot to assassinate JFK.

What has the “World’s Greatest Deliberative Body” come to?

Edward Pixley


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