In theory, voters choose their elected representatives. In partisan re-districting, elected officials choose their voters, seeking to lock in long-term political advantages.

Unfortunately, the 10 commissioners appointed to propose changes to our congressional and state Senate and Assembly districts for the next 10 years — five Republicans and five Democrats — were unable to reach joint decisions. Instead, last Monday they sent competing sets of partisan maps to the Legislature to reshape our congressional districts, our state Senate districts and our state Assembly districts.

The League of Women Voters of New York is disappointed that the commission failed to act in the public’s clear interest and work collaboratively to submit a single consensus plan that serves all New York voters fairly.

LWVNY has made the panel’s competing maps more user-friendly, available at By clicking on the boxes on the left side of your screen, you can customize what you are seeing in order to compare their plans against each other and against the current boundaries. The A maps were submitted by the Democratic commissioners, the B maps by the Republican commissioners.

The state Legislature can now vote on these submitted competing plans. If the Legislature fails to approve a plan by a two-thirds majority in both chambers, or if the plan they approve is vetoed by the governor, the commission will be able to present new maps by Feb. 28. Our hope is that if the Legislature turns back to the commission for new maps, the commission will fulfill its proper role and present a fair bipartisan plan.

To offer your comments to the commission, contact the Commission Chair David Imamura at 212-909-6208, or Vice Chair Jack Martins at 516-880-8484

To see what voting districts you live in and who your representatives are, visit

Steven Londner


Londner is a League of Women Voters of the Oneonta Area Steering Committee member.

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