A recent article in The Reporter detailed Congressman Antonio Delgado's visit to South Kortright Central School for a town hall meeting to discuss pertinent issues. According to the article, Rep. Delgado, a Democrat who represents the 19th Congressional District, pretty much stuck to the Democratic Party line of slashing corporate welfare to big industries, etc., etc. What I find particularly galling are the congressman's comments to student that "President Trump misled the public" about the extent of Russian meddling and the "extent of the communication between Trump's campaign and Russia."

I thought the purpose of our education system was to establish a basic understanding of both sides of an issue so students could establish their own opinions, not to be subject to so much "brain washing." The type of opinions as expressed by the congressman are available to the kids 24 hours a day by most of the media as well as Hollywood, so why bother with a "town hall," which was paid for by the taxpayers who may not agree with these opinions.

If the congressman wants to give political speeches, let him do it on his and the Democrats' own dime. If these kids go on to higher education, they will be force-fed all the left-wing propaganda that the college can train them with.

Joel Canfield


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