The House passed the Equality Act in February, and it is being debated on the Senate floor. We should give further thought as to whether we want our senators passing this bill, because of its ramifications.

The bill assumes that people who believe that sexuality is the exclusive expression for a heterosexual married couple are prejudiced against those who don’t hold such a belief. The bill broadens the application of “sex” in the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include sexual orientation and gender identity. Proponents assume that one’s sexual expression and identity is a private matter and no one should impinge on their choice. What is at stake, however?

The rationale for the traditional view of marriage and sexuality is due to its central role for the well-being of society.

Natural law designs a proper order in the universe including in the domain of marriage, sexuality and family life. Parents who are a married heterosexual couple provide the best stable atmosphere for our children.

Making homosexuality and transgenderism mainstream (as this bill seeks to do) has serious repercussions.

As kids of divorced parents are severely impacted, so will it be of children of homosexual and transgender couples? Will our society be better off by forcing adoption agencies to permit adoptions to such couples?

It also puts our children’s safety into jeopardy, allowing sexual predators the opportunity to exploit the new rules of accessibility to such places as bathrooms and locker rooms. The bill opens the door to teaching young kids in our public schools about the possibility of changing their sexual identity. Do we really think this will be to their benefit?

I therefore, think this bill is extremely dangerous and I encourage our senators to vote “no.”

Pastor Phil Livermore


Livermore is the executive pastor of Main Street Baptist Church in Oneonta.

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