This year Sidney voters have a choice for the position of town clerk. Eight years ago I worked with a group who helped elect Lisa French. A few months ago I met Sheila Paul, the winner of this year’s Republican primary, and after hearing these candidates speak about why they are running and requesting our support, I am supporting Ms. Paul.

The town supervisor recently posted two letters on Ms. French’s Facebook page, and that has prompted me to write. I have attended town board meetings for the past 10 years, and was surprised to see that Mr. Pigford state, “...if she is not supported, the effect upon the Township’s functions will be deleterious and serious.” He further stated that she has provided counsel to the board. I am under the impression that is the duty of the town’s attorney, not the clerk’s. I believe the supervisor’s position is the one with the most impact upon the town’s functioning, not the clerk’s.

One of the clerk’s jobs is to write and distribute town board minutes. Until recently these were not completed until a few days before the next month’s meeting. Approximately four months ago the minutes began appearing within two weeks —  about the time that Ms. Paul won the primary. Mr. Pigford also mentioned the office hours are already more extensive than other towns. True; however we are the largest town in the area and Ms. French’s salary is commensurate with that fact. Am I the only person who has arrived during the stated hours to find the office closed?

I am confident that in addition to real estate work, Ms. Paul’s experience in the offices at Hartwick College for nearly 15 years in accounting and with computers, will enable her to competently perform the town clerk’s duties.

Susan Sklenarik


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