Our village’s abundant display of “masks up” signage regulations with the specific bold, harsh wordage “citations issued/fines imposed” goes way beyond an “educational” approach and reflects a threatening “gotcha” mentality.

I’m not the only resident who feels village entrance signs, sandwich boards, staked “notice signs” in our flower/tree planters, and stickers on parking meters and garbage units are unwelcoming, unfriendly, intimidating and misleading.

How would residents and visitors know there is a provision in the village law that specifically permits the removal of masks while eating and drinking on Main Street and Pioneer Alley while siting on benches or standing stationary? Not one welcoming sign advises folks they can eat and drink without fear of a fine!

How very unkind, sad and  financially devastating for our food, beverage, ice cream and snack merchants who are already struggling to just survive

Diane Gamble


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