There was a time in Oneonta when anything south of the Main Street viaduct was referred to as “the Lower Deck.”

Most of the folks living there were Italian or Irish. Those who lived on West Broadway were close enough to the rail lines to collect coal pieces to help keep their homes warm.

So many of these people worked on and with the railroads. Without them we would not have become the D&H hub that eventually brought other businesses and growth to Oneonta.

Today, many people living on River Street have good jobs and are active in Oneonta life. This all leads to how or why so many in this ward don’t want anything to do with the RSS plan of building a good, safe space for people who need our help. Even making the statement that “Oneonta” doesn’t want RSS!

Since when has Oneonta NOT had poor or needy people?

My position comes from one who was born in the original A.O. Fox Hospital, was raised here and observed or been part of Oneonta history since the 1950s. The area proposed for an apartment building would be less disruptive to the atmosphere or vegetation than any other place in town.

Should we have a “Trump-ish” set up? Build a wall and have guards to see other can/do not get in?

Come on people — think.

Molly M. Swain


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