The Audubon Society is a strong proponent of wind energy. However, it recently proclaimed that the Bluestone wind project proposed in Broome County cannot coexist with  wintering golden eagles.

The Delaware-Otsego Audubon Society has been actively involved with a migration survey of both the bald and golden eagles for the past two years as part of the Bluestone wind project. The DOAS has discovered an “unprecedented” amount of wintering golden eagles in the project area. It claimed the sightings of the golden eagles were the highest ever recorded in New York.

The projected eagle kill determined by the developer, Calpine, is six bald eagles and thee golden eagles throughout the life of the project. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation agrees to these numbers. However, the Audubon Society claims that the kill would be “much, much higher." It refers to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Bayesian model developed specifically for eagle kill calculation. Unfortunately, for some reason, the data from this model is being kept confidential from the public. The DEC will not even consider the model and doesn’t even mention it in its testimony when it gave its approval for the project.

Is the DEC trying to cover up the higher estimate of eagle kill numbers? Are they feeling the pressure of Gov. Cuomo’s clean air initiative?

Richard Rogler


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