As I write this, there have been two mass shootings in America in the past 24 hours. By the time this letter appears, they may have been more. Today, the TV news shows are filled with people insisting that these shootings, and the shooters, have nothing to do with President Trump.

But they do.

What these shooters, and the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooter, and last year's other mass shooters, including the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter, and the Pownay synagogue shooter, and Dylan Roof, and those at the Bundy ranch, and more, have in common is that they all believe or believed that they are the last line of defense against a plot to destroy America, being pushed by, in no particular order, Democrats, leftists, globalists, Antifa, progressives, Soros — it's a long list — and that Trump is fighting against it like hell.

It doesn't matter whether the supporters of the president hope no one notices. They are helping perpetuate it.

Andrew Reinbach


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