Last Tuesday, the UPS truck rolled up and delivered new sandals and a box of seed packets. Later in the day I mailed a birthday card to my grandson in Massachusetts. Amazon delivers to urban centers, but here in Otsego County letters and packages go mainly by the United States Postal Service.

President Trump is threatening to shut down the post office. He is willing to put us at risk of dying from COVID-19, by denying us the right to vote by mail. That’s right he is willing to sacrifice us, people who want to vote, Democrats and Republicans, to his idea that if too many of us vote he will lose. So to reduce the number of voters, he is trying to shut down the United States Postal Service.

Has Donald J. Trump given any thought to the wider implications of shutting down the post office? Is he concerned that we may not be able to order online because no one will deliver to our doors? Or that private carriers will charge so much that we can no longer afford to buy the things we need? Rural sales aren’t as big as urban sales but they are important for us and for the businesses that we order from. Small and medium size businesses stay afloat, pay their employees and are the bedrock of our economy. They ship to us by USPS. We need the post office.

Janet Sutta



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