I have concerns regarding the bail and discovery reform bills that are about to negatively affect all New York communities.

I am a domestic violence survivor. The fact that after Jan. 1 a person can be physically assaulted and the abuser merely gets an appearance ticket and can assault the same victim is unconscionable.

This legislation is being written to protect the abusers, not the victims.

I have seen families destroyed by addiction and drug overdoses. It is a heartbreaking reality to witness a 4-year-old boy grow up parentless because both of his parents died of an overdose. With the new reform bills, the drug epidemic will gain momentum in 2020 — not diminish.

The fact that people can go out, be irresponsible, drink and drive, and kill someone with their vehicle and only to get an appearance ticket, is unacceptable. What were the legislators in Albany thinking when they wrote this reform? As a parent, I had to console my teenage daughter through the loss of her best friend to drunken driving, and now these drivers will have no immediate repercussions for their actions.

New Yorkers are going to be living in fear with the fact that their home can be burglarized and not only does the criminal not go to jail, the burglars have the right to enter their home again with their defense counsel. Rape victims are already afraid to come forward due to the actual conviction rate of rapists today. Now the District Attorney’s office will have to release the victim’s contact information within 15 days of arrest.

Seriously, the politicians were put in office by the people to serve the best interests of their constituents. Not to take the power away from law enforcement and give it to the criminals!

Please contact your elected officials and the governor’s office to express your concerns.

Patti Pollock

Mount Upton

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