“Deadly storms knock out power along East Coast” (Daily Star 11/1) is now an all too common headline, locally and nationally. These intense storms, exacerbated by climate change, bring with them high economic costs in the form of household and commercial property damage, coastal erosion, crop losses, relocation expenses and much else. And these costs are expected to grow exponentially unless aggressive climate mitigation strategies kick in now. The good news is that 70% of Americans think the government should act. The bad news is that the current president and his congressional supporters persistently establish energy policy designed to make things worse, much worse.

Just in the last month, the president has ramped up efforts to punish states and car manufacturers that challenge the administration’s plan to roll back Obama-era fuel standards. The Trump agenda also includes plans to allow more leaching of heavy metals (arsenic and lead among them) into our soil and water and to destroy our last intact temperate rainforest, the Tongass National Preserve, by opening it to logging and mining.

What we need instead is bipartisan legislation to improve our electric grid so it can handle the transition to 100% renewable energy. We need support for Governor Cuomo’s goal to cut transportation emissions. Chuck Schumer’s plan to electrify the transportation sector with its focus on the manufacture of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure right here in the United States can move that goal to completion. Let’s push back aggressively against the White House and save the planet.

Bob Muller



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