Talking to my husband this morning about the state of affairs in this country, I can only conclude that since this president has taken office, the respect we once gained from the world is gone. All our allies who would stand shoulder to shoulder and back this country up now question us. Now they suspect our motives. The division is so wide, that it's every man for himself. In God we trust is no more.

The constant drumming of hate speech has added to the insanity of many. It is no coincidence that mass shootings are up. It's no coincidence it's young, right-wing, All-American white boys who turned terrorists, writing manifestos to their hatred. This free speech is no accident. This is by design.

The allowing of such freedoms stated in our Constitution has been abused, and misused. It is time to rethink our laws. The money spent on causes, whether political or not, has got to end. We have to remain a nation of laws, owing to no one. We have to take back our country!

With the political season upon us, I realize things will get disgustingly worse, but in the meantime, the shootings will continue and the innocent will suffer unless we stop it.

We have the power, we own the night! Turn off that hate dial and turn up the power of loving thy neighbor, helping thy neighbor and respecting life itself.

In the meantime, we live in a world where you better be prepared to duck that bullet, be leery with crowds and mass gatherings. For we are now living in an unhealthy environment, isolating ourselves. If this isn't Communist-controlled, then I don't know what is.  This is not the America I grew up loving. 

 Nora Manon



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