The House Democrats claim the actions of the president in a recent telephone call to the newly elected Ukrainian president are grounds for an impeachment inquiry.

The Star offers no help, claiming that the actions of Bill Clinton by lying to federal agents, an assistant U.S. attorney and to all the members of a federal grand jury is no big deal. Yet the relationship with organized crime of Jack Kennedy in influencing presidential election, or the actions of Mr. Obama secreting the influence of the Russians in the upcoming 2016 and probably his re-election in 2012, the media was silent.

Again there is an individual attempting to influence the 2020 election. He/they sent a letter to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees about a matter of foreign policy, which apparently were ignored by both committees until it was sent it to the media. The leaker is not remotely close to being a whistleblower and claims to be commenting on information that is in the public domain, so how does the House and Senate Intelligence Committees gain venue?

In many ways this matter sounds like the recent hearings for an associate Supreme Court justice. The opposition party to Mr. Trump has plotted “impeachment” even before Trump’s inauguration.

I like Bernie, yet the DNC actually violated Federal Election Law Campaign Finance Laws with their overt support of Mrs. Clinton, and the media was quiet. I can’t see voting for the incumbent, unless of cause the media continues with factually dubious articles that are treated as the foundation for a political campaign. However what exactly is an impeachment inquiry initiated by the Congressional Democrats?

What did the son of Mr. Biden do to earn $50,000 a month for a Ukrainian energy company while his father was the vice president?

Harvey Brody



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