I noted with interest the reemergence in City Hall of the chicken-keeping issue (The Daily Star, Feb. 13). Never having lived with a chicken, I cannot speak to the first two concerns of council members, namely those of odor and cleanliness.

However, I have had — in this very city! — a direct experience with another of their concerns, that of loose chickens. (I am assuming here that by “loose chickens” is meant chickens that have escaped confinement and not those of questionable morals.)

The surprising news is this: Not all chickens that have flown the coop are scofflaws! Some at least are quite law-abiding!

Many years ago, not long after moving to this area, as I was pulling up to the stop sign at the corner of Fair and Grand streets, something on the lower left caught my eye. There, stepping off the curb and into the crosswalk was — yes! — a chicken, followed presently by a duck, followed by yet another chicken. This trio proceeded in orderly single file to cross the street, climb the far curb and — chicken, duck, chicken — disappear down the sidewalk.

Perhaps it was due to my being an impressionable newcomer that this spectacle became permanently fixed in my memory. To this day, when driving on Main Street, navigating through an endless stream of jaywalkers, I often recall those exemplary fowl.

Should not the Common Council in its coming deliberations at least consider the potential usefulness of these humble — and humbling — role models in resurrecting the lost art of using a crosswalk?

Dorey Munch


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