We have the opportunity to elect a woman who understands what is important in your life. Someone who has dedicated her life and fortune to making all our lives better.

Ola Hawatmeh is a single mom, business owner, philanthropist, American-born daughter of Christian immigrants, cancer survivor and domestic abuse survivor and advocate.

She wasn’t born wealthy, she worked her way through Marist College at the Roosevelt Mansion in Hyde Park, and by working in a local nursing home, caring for patients.

Ola knows your struggles. She has lived them. She has risen above them. They have made her stronger.

She has the same values you cherish every day as you care for your family and work to assure you leave a brighter legacy for those behind you.

For Ola to take our message to Washington we need to do something a little different this round. Her name is not printed on the ballot. We need to go to the bottom of the NY-19 Congressional Race column and write in: Ola Hawatmeh.

The other option is to elect a Pelosi puppet who will rubber stamp everything coming down the pike from AOC and The Squad. We can’t allow that, we need to right the ship this group is steering toward the rocks.

There is a third choice. The Republican party machine is heading down the railroad tracks with an unknown candidate with no experience, no contacts and no money to run a campaign.

Apply for your write-in ballot today and make sure at least three friends apply for theirs. Whether you approve of mail-in ballots or not, they are a fact of life in this election.

If you are going to the polls on Election Day, take three friends with you.

It is spelled OLA HAWATMEH.

Bob Bishop


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