I, at the age of 25, am the youngest candidate for the Maryland Town Board in this election. In this election, age, experience or length of residency should not be an issue. The issue is can the candidate, if elected, do something to help the community and town thrive?

The town of Maryland is an historical town, which has been proven. As the youngest candidate, I would like to see my hometown of Maryland thrive to where businesses were booming, taxes were lower, there was always something to do and the town was spruced up.

If we were to have a farmers market, that would be a start to have lower taxes, and to buy and sell locally.

Another is to have solar farms to help lower energy costs and to help produce jobs. It is also another alternative and a cleaner energy source.

On Facebook, I have posted my policies that I would like to see be enacted if I am to be elected as town councilman. I have heard positive feedback regarding my policies.

One of the main reasons why I chose to enter the political field is to inspire young people to get involved with politics and government, whether it’s running for public office and hopefully becoming elected or by becoming appointed on the local, county, state or federal government level, voting in the elections, or by speaking up on a policy that you disagree with in a diplomatic manner. Those are some of the ways young people should be involved with politics and government.

AJ Hamill


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