Obama not fit to be our leader

Barack Obama's recent international jaunt was an attempt to portray him as a world leader and improve his polling numbers. He believed this phony strategy would put a stake into John McCain's heart and start an unstoppable political steamroller. Even with the mainstream press swooning over his every word, he exposed himself to the American public as an arrogant elitist offering nothing but idea changes based on polls.

This modern-day Judas had the audacity to meet with the very troops he betrayed. His 30 pieces of silver strategy would have left Iraq in bloody chaos, reopened the door to a revitalization of worldwide terrorism and elevated Iran's political and military influence, while throwing Israel under the bus. How the troops kept from throwing up is a credit to their training.

As chairman of the Senate subcommittee with oversight of Afghanistan, Obama never uttered a peep about the war. But that's par for the course, since in his entire "finger-pointing" career he never had the courage to take the lead on any major subject.

Tuning up your car and checking the tire pressure was one of his latest "lala land, dumb de dumb" ideas, claiming it would save us from having to do any off-shore drilling. If McCain said that the media would have laughed him right into a mental institution.

Birds of a feather flock together, and the "birds" Obama chose to flock with were not American heroes but the anti-Semitic bigot Jeremiah Wright, who hates America and was Obama's mentor for 20 years. Then there's William Ayres, the homegrown terrorist who is one of Obama's closest friends.

No stranger himself to shady land deals, Obama is on a par with Harry "the bird" Reid, who has more hold-ups to his credit than Jesse James.

William Eckardt


Competition good for public

A.O. Fox Memorial Hospital wishes to open a small primary-care facility in Delhi. There are three primary-care physicians in Delhi who are near retirement and have welcomed the Fox Hospital facility concept for Delhi to fill an upcoming critical void. The Delhi Village Board and Town Board in addition to everyone I have spoken to regarding the subject welcome the Fox facility.

The fly in the ointment is the Bassett Hospital hierarchy, which feels threatened by the competition between O'Connor Hospital and the Fox Hospital facility. O'Connor Hospital physicians are booked weeks ahead and can't see ill patients in a timely manner and often have to refer them to the emergency room where the costs become significantly greater. The threat to the viability of O'Connor by the Fox facility is unrealistic.

Let's set aside the ego, stop the political power play and allow the public to be better served by an additional health care facility in the community. Isn't the critical issue "the timely health care of the public"? As a retired physician, I can advise you that having more than one health care facility can only be beneficial to our community.

Dr. Leonard H. Glassman,


Print updates

of sex offenders

Finally! Names and faces of the predators who target our children! I would like to see this as a permanent (monthly) updated feature of The Daily Star.

There is also another address I have checked for several years that lets you search your town or local area.

Check out the website http://www10.familywatchdog.us/

Lois Fisher


Getting taken on gas prices?

The following is a quote from The Daily Star front-age article "City not getting gas cost relief" on Aug. 1: "`There's a couple of things at play,' said Tom Mailey, a spokesman for Stewart's Shops, which operates more than 320 stores, primarily in upstate New York.

"Mailey said people often don't understand that when the price of a barrel of oil goes down, it doesn't mean gasoline will go down automatically.

"There's a six-week lag from when oil drops and when that drop is reflected in gas prices, he said."

Well, then, why is it that gasoline prices at the pump seem to magically go up automatically when the price of a barrel of oil goes up?

But, yes, Mr. Mailey did say that there are "a couple of things at play." Wonder what the other "thing" is at play? Perhaps oil companies and dealers assume that the general public has gotten used to paying $4 a gallon for gas, so, why should the oil companies lower the prices now?

Gerry Pilgrim


Gas prices too high here

If you venture out of the Oneonta area, you will be surprised how much lower the price is for a gallon of gas. The price for a barrel of oil continues to fall, but the price of a gallon of gas drops a penny at a time in Oneonta.

It is past time for area residents to start asking questions. While businesses are taking advantage of the area's tourists, they are also taking advantage of the local residents who support their businesses for 12 months of the year, not two.

Where are the glad-handing politicians who are supposed to be looking out for our local interests?

Eileen Coryat

West Oneonta

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