Summer camp not neighbor-friendly

I represent a group of residents of the town of Gilboa who have the misfortune to live next to Oorah's summer camp.

The Oorah facility can only be described as a public nuisance and a threat to the health and safety of its neighbors.

In the summer of 2007, Oorah constructed a sports complex, together with 13, 60-feet-high light towers that illuminated the property of one neighbor brighter than daylight, and blinded drivers on local roads. Oorah also continually blasted loud urban music and announcements, loud enough to shake the vinyl siding on houses 300 yards away.

Oorah was shut down by the Schoharie County Health Department and 31 undocumented workers were arrested in a raid by ICE and local law enforcement.

Oorah claimed that the lights were necessary so that camp counselors could play baseball and basketball between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. Loud music was necessary to create a "festive mood" for the campers. Most people remember going to camp to appreciate fresh air, nature and country living, not to hear continual loud music typical of an inner city.

Oorah is now applying for a new wastewater discharge permit to accommodate the increase in camp use, from the maximum of 100-150 people that visited Golden Acres, to its present typical summer occupancy of more than 600 campers and counselors. This dramatic expansion of the camp will have many significant impacts, not just increased wastewater.

Rabbi Mintz' implication that the neighbors are upset because of presumed anti-Semitism is an insult and his comment demonstrates the level of contempt that Oorah has for its neighbors.

Peter Henner


Hard to avoid doses of Chinese poison

The FDA recently found traces of melamine in infant formula sold in the U.S. Of course, there was no word on the origin of the tainted ingredients. Quite a melamine scandal previously, regarding Chinese foodstuffs in Asia, and recently it has been found in eggs, which might make you also think about chickens, which in this case, probably came first.

Melamine has been found in poultry, livestock and fish-farm feeds. If you don't know this, you probably don't know that much of our poultry and seafood are imported from China. You might not notice it in the supermarket, but Chinese chicken filets are relatively widespread in the wholesale restaurant and fast-food trade, and I am sure much of the Chinese farm-raised seafood has found its way into this market, where we do not see country of origin information on the menu.

The FDA has recently opened offices in a foreign country, China, which is unprecedented in American history, but then again, so is the amount of debt we owe to China, and our ever-increasing dependence for its products.

Part A of the American tragedy may have been the outsourcing of our production, Part B might have been the outsourcing of our jobs, but must we stomach the pending eventuality of Part C ... Chinese food all the time, and serious risks to our health and well-being posed by toxic foodstuffs and their other products of dubious composition? I had a wristwatch from there that gave me a serious skin reaction exactly in the shape of the watch. Who really knows what goes into their metals, plastics and foodstuffs for export. I'd guess a little mix of each.

Richard Krzeminski


Let's prosecute Bush and Cheney

We can thank these two, Bush and Cheney, for the wonderful economy, $4 gas and more than 8,000 American citizens dead ([including the WTC).

I would hope the buck would stop with them both. Impeach and prosecute these criminals asap!

Daniel Pitt


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