It's OK to be gay and Christian

Call me a nut, but I believe in my heart that homosexuality is not a sin. After careful reading and studying of the subject, including the Bible, I believe it even more so.

I do not find condemnation of my sexual orientation in the Bible. Instead I find that God loves me and I am saved through faith in Christ (who said nothing about homosexuals). Also, there is no mention of homosexuals in the Ten Commandments, Proverbs, the Psalms, the Gospel or the whole Bible for that matter.

The Bible lets me know that God pulled me out of the muck and set me on a rock. Psalms 139 states that God created me in the womb. I believe that includes being a lesbian. To me it would be sinful to be heterosexual. The Bible instructs me to be part of the body of Christ and how to treat others. In Galatians 3:28, we are all one in Christ. Christ said not to judge others, and the greatest command is to love God with all my heart and soul, to love my neighbor and my enemies. He also said blessed are those who are persecuted in his name. I've been blessed beyond my wildest imagination. I believe God will soften people's hearts about homosexuals. James said to pray without doubting, and that I have done.

I live in America (big blessing) where we have freedom of religion. I have the right to a God of my understanding. Under the Bill of Rights I have the same rights as other Americans. I also have the right to marriage and a family.

I recommend reading "Christianity and Homosexuality Reconciled" and "A letter to Louise." They helped me know it's OK to be Christian and gay. Until then, God forgive them, for they know not what they do.

Cindy Davidson


Please take care of your furry friends

Recent letters and articles about animal cruelty and people who do not take responsibility for the proper care of their pets are disheartening.

Pets are family. When I see a dog tied outside, particularly in this bitter-cold weather, it sickens me. Why do these people have pets? If you no longer want to care for your pet, take it to the Humane Society or the SPCA. There are people abandoning their sick animals to suffer in the cold because they don't care enough about the poor things to even take them to animal shelters. What kind of human being could do such a thing?

There are so many dogs and cats needing homes in this area. Yet, day after day in the "Free" section of the classified ads, people are giving away kittens and puppies. Why didn't they do the responsible thing and have the dogs and cats spayed or neutered?

Please help your local animal shelter and take care of your furry friends. They deserve it.

Nancy Seyfert


Become informed on gas drilling

There have been several meetings held at the Unatego High School recently regarding natural gas drilling. A local friend of ours attended those meetings, which informed him to be very careful before signing anything.

Representatives from the drilling companies may go to your homes and offer a certain price per acre to drill on your land.

When a man went to our friend's house, our friend was offered $100 per acre. He would get this sum of money for 10 years. When and if natural gas is found, he would receive 12.5 percent of the profit. When he refused to sign before having a lawyer look at the contract, the man quickly got up and left.

There are many other reasons why natural gas drilling should be carefully considered before going through with it. First of all, horizontal drilling can cause environmental concerns such as ground water contamination. The chemicals they use contain cancer-causing substances. Those substances could end up in your drinking water. There is no law stating the gas companies have to let you know exactly what chemicals they will be using.

Also, consider your neighbors and discuss the pros and cons with them. If people do decide to do this, companies might sell the gas overseas to make a profit and we would not see the energy savings here where we live. Get all of the facts before you start seeing dollar signs. The risks involved could outweigh any benefits we see in return.

Cody Allen


Allen is a senior at Unatego Junior-Senior High School. Allen and other students have written letters to the editor as part of Kevin DiBartolomeo's Participation in Government class.

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