Some welcome Holy American Empire

Could there ever be a "Holy American Empire?" The question is not quite as ridiculous as it might at first seem. There are forces active in this country _ some openly and apparently benignly, others more covertly and with possibly subversive agendas _ that would welcome such an organization.

Rick Warren, leader of a megachurch and author of "The Purpose-Drive Life," jumped into the national spotlight when he arranged "interviews" with presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain. The point of those "interviews" was supposedly to examine the religious views of the two candidates. Some might have perceived other agendas, namely to slant public opinion and also as self-promotion for Warren himself, who is definitely "purpose-driven."

To some, religion is a strictly personal matter, and belonging to a church is a wholly other matter. To such people, the more organized a church, the less it has to do with faith. It would therefore seem that a megachurch, such as Rick Warren's with 40,000 members, is more like an army than a "congregation" _ an army of "Christian soldiers." (Ready for a Holy War?)

Many of the religious right in the U.S., dismissing the true origins of the nation, and its current religious diversity, proclaim this a "Christian nation." "Christian soldiers," "Christian nation" _ and, next, "Holy American Empire?"

William F. Roberts


Time for Congress to pay for failure

Are you still unsure, confused? If you are, then you have no pulse. Recent financial crimes should have been a slap in the face. These elected traitors do not care what they do now, nor what they will do. They act as though they are immune from punishment and, at least for the present, they may be.

They have robbed and indebted your children's future. Roll that fact around your mind. They act as through they are doing something proactive about it. Call it the fox in the henhouse times 10, but there is no reason to be on the defensive. We outnumber them.

I would like to file a federal lawsuit against Congress, et al, for congressmen's failure to uphold their oaths of office to defend the Constitution. I have spoken to many others who are struggling to maintain their financial balance and I think it's about time that the ethically inept have cause to wiggle like a worm on a hook or scurry like rats caught in the light.

Of course, this is really up to the people. We are the people. I need your assistance. Join me.

Michael McCafferty

West Oneonta

Let's fight to stop proposed taxes, fees

It has been a long time since I wrote a letter to a newspaper. However, I'm "mad as hell" about the governor's new taxes and fees.

I run a small business, a barbershop, and now the state wants to add a sales tax on haircuts! For the last 36 years, I worked and paid my own way (with the help of my wife).

Times are pretty tough for everyone. Let's forget adding new taxes and fees, and start cutting back on spending.

I personally made seven calls to any state officials that I could reach. I urge all of you to take a few minutes out of your day and do the same. There is "safety" in numbers! Stop this tax-and-spend now!

Larry Thompson

Cherry Valley

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