Leader's actions important, too

With the focus on the first primary, and the drama that unfolded, Hillary Clinton's campaigning has me focusing more on the "experience" she upholds as "presidential." I have found, also, that as she has become a bit more emotional, I have, too.

I agree that she was a full partner to her husband while he was serving in the Oval Office, the most public of public offices.

I remember what it was like when President Clinton's affair with his intern generated prurient and tawdry headlines all over the world.

Hillary previously got on television and blamed the problem on a "vast right-wing conspiracy." America then slogged through more than a year of mind-numbing, awkward perjury trials, DNA-stained dress and all.

The Clintons' inability to get at the truth, and the charades that went with it, put their egos before the nation's interest and dragged out a wasteful, draining and diverting sideshow, as history marched forward. Sadly, we will never know what it would have been like to have a president in those pre-9/11 years (having been chief executive during the first WTC attack) whose integrity, honesty and attention were not compromised.

Yes, Hillary Clinton is right. Why would we want to tolerate a double-standard?

I am not talking about becoming misty-eyed when she spoke about the future, because that may have been Hillary Clinton at one of her most sincere, and even noble, moments. It's no secret that men's eyes and hearts shed tears, too.

But, I think that if we can get on our high horses about how starlets should behave, then I think we have a right, at last and finally, to be able to ask for a certain decorum from the leader of the free world.

Otherwise, as Hillary's experience has taught us, it is just too distracting.

Constance Lewis


Douglas case shows problems

This is in reference to the entire legal system up in Otsego County. If you go back and read all the information that The Daily Star has posted in connection with the Corbin Douglas case and the untimely loss of a child's life, who is being held accountable?

There are a handful of co-conspirators.

Gretchen Douglas, by her own admission, had a serious problem with her son stealing her medication. His sister admitted that she stole it from her mother to give to Corbin. And back to Gretchen, who was supposed to be taking this medication for severe pain. Did she ever notice that her supply was getting short and think that something was very wrong? With blatant disregard, she chose not to report it to some authority.

The small hamlet of Morris and its judicial system are also accountable for not ending the cycle, or shall I say the habitual offenses, that have been committed to the state, town and people. Need I say more?

Maryann Stormes

Shohola, Pa.

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