Some scientists are anti-evolutionists

Allen Green, Ph.D., wants the names of scientists who don't accept the theory of evolution to explain the origin of species. Anti-evolutionists include:

1. Sir Ernest Chain, F.R.S., British Nobel prize winner.

2. Professor L. Bonouvre, director of Museum d'History (France).

3. Dr. Paul Lemoine, director Museum d'History (France).

4. Professor W.R. Thompson, F.R.S., for 30 years director of (World) Commonwealth Institute of Biological Control (Canada).

5. Sir Ambrose Felming, M.A., D. Sc., F.R.S., former president of Victoria Institute (Great Britain).

6. Professor Albert Fleishman, Erlangen University, Germany.

7. Professor H. Nilsson, genetics, noted Swedish scientist.

The revolution against evolution is fought mainly by non-Catholic, Christian scientists. Catholics are not informed about church pronouncements and are ignorant of recent findings of science.

As a result, there is spreading among Catholics a heretical evolution-based modernism.

Rita Armstrong


No changes planned at oncology practice

I am a physician's assistant. I work with my husband, Dr. Matsuo, in the practice of medical oncology and hematology at Broome Oncology at the FoxCare Center. I am very concerned about rumors circulating in the community about our practice, which have probably been created by the recent media coverage of the discussions between Fox and Bassett hospitals.

We have been receiving questions from many patients who have heard that we are probably retiring or leaving the Oneonta area. We would like to clear up that misconception.

We thoroughly enjoy the practice of medicine and providing quality care for the hematology and oncology patients of this area. We also have deep roots in this community. We certainly plan to continue to practice at the FoxCare Center, regardless of what affiliation evolves over the next few months. We would only leave if forced to by the politics of the situation, and we would be very sad should that come to pass.

Lynne Bolstad


Financial aid vital to many students

Financial aid plays a large role in the lives of college students. Without the help of financial aid, many of us will not be able to attend college.

I have heard many different things dealing with financial aid. Some people say that because of the economy, banks may not be letting people take out loans. If students can't take out loans, then most of us won't be able to afford the cost of our educations.

I know that without the help of financial aid, I won't be able to go to college, and I've wanted to go my whole life, for business. Now that I'm graduating this year, I am counting on financial aid as one of my main sources of money. Without it, I, and many others, will have a very difficult and challenging time paying for college.

Theresa Pondolfino


Pondolfino is a senior at Unatego Junior Senior High School. Pondolfino and other students have written letters to the editor as part of Kevin D. Bartolomeo's Participation in Government class.

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