Status quo must end in Oneonta

So far in this campaign, I have made an enormous effort to reach out to as many people as possible and find out what they are most concerned about regarding the current status of Oneonta.

Through my conversations and discussions with nonprofit organizations, businesses and local residents, I have found that the people are ready for a change. While my age is always an initial factor that produces hesitation, by the time my conversations are over with each person I meet, they understand that I am truly in this campaign to make a positive difference for the community.

From my stance on student retention to my policy on developing green energy, the people who I have spoken with are fed up with the status quo and want someone who will stand up for them and protect their interests and rights. No longer can we tolerate a government that only offers a smile and an "I'll look into it" when addressed with a concern or issue. No more can we tolerate a government whose elected officials feel that they are the face of the city. Elected officials are nothing to the city but voices, voices that are not supposed to speak for themselves, but for the people who voted them into office.

I had an e-mail and a handshake from Mayor John Nader confirming his appearance at the Together Against Breast Cancer walk/run on April 25 at OH Fest. And yet, when my campaign was announced a day before the walk, Nader was nowhere to be found and didn't have the courtesy to lend any notice. This is wrong. This city needs a leader, not an official who is only interested in maintaining his own sphere of power. Oneonta deserves a better leader.

Jason Corrigan


Corrigan is running for mayor of Oneonta.

Twisted morality of left hurts America

President Barack Hussein Obama, in a flip-flop bowing to cacophonous leftist protests, may now prosecute Bush 43 administration attorneys and officials for "torture" techniques used by our military at Gitmo and elsewhere to extract information. At the same time, Obama refuses to release intelligence memos disclosing numerous terrorist plots foiled and countless lives (and property) saved because of those techniques.

One method, waterboarding, has especially inflamed liberal sensitivities. Upon enduring the leftists' hysteria over waterboarding, one might confuse that technique with beheading, burning body parts, mutilation (e.g., cutting out an adversary's tongue), beatings by whips and cattle prods, pushing enemies off tall buildings, and other genuine tortures dear to terrorists' hearts.

Nor can waterboarding begin to compare to the barbarities of killing judicially innocent babies in and emerging from the womb (including gory partial-birth abortion), and of abandoning to death babies that survive abortion (infanticide). Yet most liberals fight endlessly for a woman's "right" to kill her baby, while condemning nonviolent waterboarding.

Thus, 'tis not passing strange that many a leftist is nearly silent about atrocities against American soldiers and civilians alike. One notable exception was the horrific beheading of reporter Daniel Pearl, which did elicit rage from liberals, including even the media.

Since waterboarding is now passe, I offer a substitute: make detainees listen to Obama speak minus his teleprompter. A torrent of information will ensue within 30 seconds.

A pity that Obama and his leftist friends show innocent babies not even a fraction of the concern they squander on enemies who would behead us in a second. Such twisted morality is also undermining the security of America. (Proverbs 14:34.)

The Rev. Mitch Wright


Wright is pastor of Hope Presbyterian Church in Oneonta.

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