Jason Corrigan a wonderful leader

I have worked very closely with Jason Corrigan throughout the past year on the Inter-Greek Council and I have seen nothing but dedication and success from this bright young man. As community service chair, he has organized and facilitated more than 13,000 man hours of community service from SUCO Greek members. That amount, completed by just 3 percent of our campus, is half of the college's total and was done under the diligent direction of Corrigan.

His ability to work on a council of his peers is outstanding _ whether consistently offering advice on how to change programs our council has previously hosted for greater success or offering new ideas to further the positive ideals that our council attempts to instill, both on the college campus and throughout the Oneonta community. He is extremely passionate about every task he sets forth to complete, and that passion is seen and often imitated by those around him.

I have never seen Corrigan fail to complete a task or fall short of a goal to which he sets his mind toward completing. He is the most driven and inspired person I know, both qualities that enable him to be an exemplar leader of his peers. He is a man of few words. However, when he speaks, every person in the room is listening intently with full attention.

In short, Jason Corrigan is a tremendous candidate for mayor of the city of Oneonta, and the city will flourish under his leadership. Corrigan has the ability to show a new face of leadership, bring forward fresh ideas, and take Oneonta places to which its residents could have never imagined. I fully endorse his campaign.

Brendan Sherlock


Sherlock is Inter-Greek Council president-elect and Student Association director of communications and public relations.

Article, column inappropriate

Does anyone proof this paper for its content before it gets printed? Is anyone in charge of checking stories for appropriateness?

The first article about the recent tragic accident involving the teens from the G-MU area contained a graphic description of the accident scene. Was this necessary? Was any thought given to the families of those involved, especially to the family of the young girl who died?

What exactly did such a description add to the story that would have been lost had it been omitted? You are not writing for CSI Oneonta. Have you no shame? Have you no sense of decency? It may have been a direct quote, but since when is this paper above editing quotes? It was only a fragment of a sentence in a long article ... but it was one fragment too many.

A day later, this paper runs a Tom Grace column that laughs off the dangers of reckless driving and road rage. This wonderful piece of journalism used these serious issues _ issues that, along with driving under the influence, are of great concern with regard to young drivers _ in order to set up Uncle Chucklehead's "joke" about Americans exercising their First Amendment right of peaceful assembly. This is funny? Tailgating, aggressive driving, antagonistic reactions and obscene gestures? With an 8-year-old in the vehicle? Did anyone even consider that this "humor" might not be appropriate in light of the weekend's events?

Comedians know that timing and material are critical to the delivery of a joke. Your material, Mr. Grace, was awful. And to the editors of The Daily Star, your timing was horrendous.

Karl P. Lehenbauer


GOP, don't discount youth in mayor race

Jordan Shepardson, a mayoral candidate, is a friend of mine. I called him to ask him what was happening in the race, and when he told me about the politics involved, I felt that I needed to do what I could to plead his case. He is a pillar in the community (now working for Catholic Charities and helping those in need); he is young and energetic, which may appeal to a younger crowd. He is incredibly intelligent, has a bipartisan mind-set and many new ideas for change. I believe that he has the ability to use this out-of-the-box mentality to bring about the changes that Oneonta needs right now.

Oneonta is in need of reform: We need more jobs, more opportunities, and less politics as usual. It's time for a change! Maybe a political outsider could be a bit of fresh air for Oneonta. If the Republicans choose another political insider (one with party ties), I feel that we will see the same results as we have seen in the last mayoral elections (and in fact our presidential election). We have entered a day and age where it is possible for a younger person to take on the older generation within the party, which is pushing for the status quo, and to beat those who have political ties "" grass-roots campaigning is the new way of doing politics. We need to realize this!

I believe that out of all the Republican candidates (in this heavily Democratic area), Jordan Shepardson is the only Republican candidate who could stand a chance against the almost inevitable Democratic victory. If I lived in Oneonta, he would have my vote. Let's hear more about Jordan in The Daily Star!

Cody Gibson


Arts education has great importance

I agree with letter-writer Jessica Welch (Monday, April 20) that art programs should not be the first to go under budget cuts. I've done a lot of thinking on the arts in public schools. I've come to a conclusion that I believe bears recognition. I hope you will appreciate my thoughts on the subject.

I believe arts are a way for people to express themselves. They are an incredibly effective means of understanding and knowing yourself. I see it as having psychological importance. I think that listing careers to represent the value of the arts slights the true significance of them. I believe that sports carry at least as much value in the public education system. They are another powerful way for one to identify and accept oneself, which is nothing short of essential during the teenage years (so I've come to believe).

By writing this letter, I hope that I can give credence to art programs in the area, and help people realize what kind of stress is being put on schools right now under state budget cuts.

I couldn't pick a section of the public education system that should endure having its budget cut. I instead believe that schools should hold a higher position in the eye of the public and government, and should be far from the first to feel the strain of an ailing economy. I hope and believe that under a more-liberal government, the future will be bright for the American education system, and others worldwide.

Arlis Monzeglio

West Oneonta

Monzeglio is a junior at Laurens Central School

Secret shopper check a scam

I received a letter with a check in it for $3,530 asking me to become a secret shopper. I did some investigating, because there was no return address on the envelope and the postal stamp was from Ontario, Canada, and the address inside was Mineola, N.Y. It turns out that this was a scam. The business is Interboro Market Research Inc. It claimed to be a division of American Survey Research Organization.

I called the ASRO and it said that this was a fraud letter and to turn it over to the post office. I have done this and I am trying to let as many people know, because if you cash that check, the business cancels the one it sent you and the money you are sending is your hard-earned money!

Please pay attention to these kinds of details, because there is so much fraud going on these days, you never know when and where it will happen.

Valerie Sloan

New Lisbon

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