Movie can teach about evangelicals

I have never before seen such misunderstanding and even hatred by liberals in the mainstream media toward born-again Christian people. Have science, politics, the arts and entertainment replaced faith in Jesus Christ in the good old U.S. of A? I hope not!

Evangelical Christians are people, too. We live and work all around you and tend to belong to denominations such as Baptist, Assemblies of God, Calvary Chapel, Free Methodist or non-denominational churches rather than older denominations such as Anglican/Episcopal or Lutheran. We tend to believe the Bible more literally on issues such as creation, Jonah and the Book of Revelation, and for good reason. We have personally experienced or seen miracles and depend upon our faith through all the adventures of daily life and on to heaven.

"Fireproof" is the movie to see if you prefer to be tolerant and to learn about evangelicals rather than to hate us. "Fireproof" has a very different message and motive than Hollywood-made films. It has a realistic hero in it, a successful captain of a suburban Georgia fire department who receives respect from everyone but his wife. His life is falling apart around him and he initially searches for satisfaction in the lies and flattery of pornography but finds instead weakness, selfishness and emptiness in pornography. This is a movie that can truly change a life and save a family.

Meanwhile, Hollywood and the mainstream media promote films such as "Religulous" that bash people of faith and try to lump them all together as a bunch of hypocritical nut jobs who must be silenced; forgetting that our USA history is Judeo-Christian and that Jesus Christ taught his disciples to be strong and courageous and to stand up for what is good, right and true and to love one another.

John (JP) Pasquale

Livingston Manor

Vote for Barber for change in Albany

I have been waiting to read something in the newspapers or hear something in the news of something meaningful coming from Sen. Seward's campaign, but so far nothing. I have, however, read a great deal and I have heard a great deal from Don Barber.

I had the pleasure of meeting Don Barber and then taking him to homes in Laurens and was very impressed with how he handled himself, his message to the people and his vision for the future of New York.

Sen. Seward, on the other hand, says his campaign will be run on his experience in Albany and his record. What arrogance! All this shows is a promise of more of the same and of a man who feels that he is untouchable. One thing New York does not need is more of the same.

In November, New Yorkers need to vote for change and Don Barber is that person to begin that change for the better and not the same-as-usual politics we have now. Vote for Don Barber!

Robert Zack


Zack, a Democrat, is mayor of Laurens.

Seward bill put public safety first

We are writing this letter to express our gratitude to Sen. Seward for sponsoring important farm roadway safety legislation. Our family experienced a horrific car accident in December 2004 involving farm equipment on a public roadway.

Following this tragedy, we met with Sen. Seward and asked him how such an accident may be prevented in the future. He pledged his support and followed through by arranging a meeting in Cooperstown with representatives from Assemblyman Magee's office, the Farm Bureau, Cornell Cooperative Extension, NYCAMH and me. As a result, Sen. Seward introduced legislation to improve farm equipment visibility on our roadways.

My family and I are pleased to announce that this important legislation was passed this summer! The legislation, which was co-sponsored by Assemblyman Magee, requires that all slow-moving farm implements traveling on the roadways display the reflective orange slow-moving vehicle sign.

In addition, public and farm safety information and programs will be available to the public and the farm community to improve roadway safety and visibility. Our family and friends are grateful for the dedication, hard work and commitment that was made to initiate and pass this important legislation. Sen. Seward and his staff are to be commended for their successful efforts. Please join me in supporting Sen. Seward, who has put our community's safety interests first. Thank you.

Patrick and Carina L. Franck


Yes to Gillibrand; Obama's the devil

Gillibrand is getting our vote for voting no on the bailout.

That money is just going to vanish, like all the money before, by giving millions to the executives. And the CEOs, like with AIG being broke, gave all their execs a spa treatment weekend while the little guy loses all his money, and your newspaper is too stupid to see it.

And another thing, start digging into Obama's background. If he becomes president, we might as well give the country to Islam. He is the devil personified.

Obama has a big mouth. So did Hitler. Hitler had substance, the SS, the SA, and half the country, and we know what happened. What does Obama have behind him?

Iris K. Farrell


Experience matters on court bench

In a presidential election year, it is easy to overlook an election that will have a much more immediate impact on Otsego County than the presidential race. That election is for Otsego County judge.

Whoever we elect as county judge will serve for 10 years and decide important cases concerning families, wills and the guilt and innocence of people accused of crimes.

Until I retired, I practiced law for more than 35 years. I am convinced that the most important qualification a judge must bring to the bench is a wide breadth of experience. Any reasonably intelligent lawyer can learn the techniques or mechanics of judging on the job. But on-the-job training is no substitute for legal and other life experiences that are essential for wise judicial decision-making.

John Lambert is the only such experienced candidate. He has practiced in all three county courts. Interim Judge Jhilmil "Jill" Ghaleb has not. John Lambert was born, raised, educated and lived his whole life in Otsego County. His opponent has not.

If I were still practicing law, I know who I would want to see on the bench if I appeared in Otsego County Court _ John Lambert _ the only candidate with the broad experience that provides the indispensable basis for fair and wise decisions.

I urge my fellow citizens to vote for John Lambert on Nov. 4. Experience matters!

M. L. Keith


Protest gas prices; reject incumbents

Wake up, folks. Isn't it odd that with all the turmoil on Wall Street, some of our elected officials forgot about the high price of gasoline and heating fuels and oil prices keep dropping. Well I haven't, and at last look, crude oil was around $80 to $90 a barrel range. Back when it was this price, gas at the pump was around $2.75 a gallon. And I am sure we all talked about how fast the price rose and, as I am sure you all know, it never ever drops as fast as it climbs.

Well, the way to get our elected officials to step up and do something is very simple. On Election Day, in no way vote for the incumbent. Get rid of them and vote for fresh blood and let's give them a chance. It's better than allowing the oil companies to take advantage of us, and our elected officials.

Charles Eckelmann


Voters' voices will be silenced in Guilford

Imagine that you wake up in the morning with your head full of thoughts, yet when you tried to speak, no sound came out.

This is what happens when your right to vote is taken away. You are effectively made mute.

Your vote is how you are heard. When you forget to vote, neglect to vote, decide not to vote, your voice is not heard.

On Oct. 22, the Town Board of Guilford is getting ready to silence 1,584 voices. Are you willing to let them silence yours?

Celeste Aber

Mount Upton

Aber is a member of the Committee for Voters' Rights for the town of Guilford.

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