Truth about Palin scary enough

With reference to Tom Sears' Sept. 16 column, there is no need for the media to make up lies about Sarah Palin. The truth is frightening enough.

She believes creationism should be taught in public schools, crossing the line between church and state established by our Founding Fathers. Being an avid hunter is one thing, but supporting the practice of shooting wolves from airplanes and helicopters is hardly sporting. Offering $150 for every wolf forepaw turned in sounds more like poaching than hunting. The only reason she didn't ban books is because the librarian and people of Wasilla understand the Constitution, which she clearly does not, as she showed when she asked the librarian if books could be banned. While some people admire her decision to have a child she knew would have Down syndrome, she would deny other women the right to make that choice, or the choice to end an unwanted pregnancy resulting from incest or rape.

I don't know whether she speaks in tongues, other than a forked one, but we now know she was for the "bridge to nowhere" before she was against it. She speechifies that she said "no thanks" to earmarks, while her hand reached out and took plenty _ Alaska is set to receive $506.34 per capita, the highest in the nation, in federal earmark dollars, according to Taxpayers for Common Sense, a watchdog group that tracks earmarks.

It is insulting to think that all women would vote for McCain/Palin because she is a woman.

If women agree with her on the issues, then they probably would have voted Republican anyway. Those of us who do not agree with her on ANY of the issues will not vote for her just because she is a woman. That would be the ultimate in sexism.

Barbara Kaplan


Barber will fight

for issues vital to us

An election is not a personality contest. It's about who will fight for the issues important to our way of life. Here is a list of those issues Don Barber will work for if he is elected to the state Senate:

Affordable health care for all: Barber will work to bring down the cost of health insurance for all. He backs a publicly financed, privately delivered universal health care bill in the state Senate.

Gas drilling: Barber supports gas drilling once the proper environmental protections are in place but not before.

Unions: Don Barber has been endorsed by unions because he understands the role they play in workplace standards and in economic stability for everyone.

Property taxes: Barber will place a tax on millionaires, the 1 percent of top income earners in the state, in order to pay for substantial property tax cuts. He will also roll back unfunded mandates, which put too much of a burden on local families.

Car insurance: Barber will work to lower high car insurance rates.

Minimum wage: Don Barber supports increasing the minimum wage, unlike Jim Seward, who has voted against increasing the minimum wage.

A town supervisor for 10 years, builder and lifetime farmer, Barber deserves our vote for state Senate.

Hilda Wilcox


Congress, go home

A request to Congress: Go back home. If Congress does not act on any of the current proposals by Sept. 30, the current ban on offshore oil drilling will expire, and exploration will be allowed off all U.S. coastlines. In July, the president lifted an executive order that had blocked drilling on the outer continental shelf.

Congress can go on another vacation as far as I am concerned. We would be better served if they all went home.

Dennis Richards


Indict `Hanoi Jane'?

A question for John McCain:

If elected, would he have his attorney general seek an indictment against "Hanoi Jane" Fonda for treason?

If he is _ and does _ I would posit the American left under Sen. Ted Kennedy would ring like a well-struck bell.

Donald J. Haarmann

East Meredith

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