Look at values of conservatives

Rick Davis, John McCain's campaign manager, has been getting flak for stating "this election is not about issues" but you can't blame the campaign for going down that road. If McCain were to run on the issues, he'd lose, and he knows it. Of course, he doesn't want to talk about issues.

But that's OK. Let's talk about values.

Conservatives always want to make out like they are more patriotic, more "normal," more like you. They say Democrats are intellectual and elitist and out of touch, and that makes us evil.

But Democrats are the ones who know that small-business owners aren't rich and tax cuts for the wealthy won't help them. We know that American families have to pay for what they buy, and we believe the government should work that way, too.

They claim we're unpatriotic because we can tell the difference between supporting our troops and disagreeing with our commander in chief. And how can you send our boys and girls off to die in a war based on a pack of lies, and then call yourself pro-life with a straight face?

They turn "intelligent" into an insult and say it makes us elitist and out of touch. But if we're evil because we're smart, what does that say about their opinion of you? That you're good Americans because you're what? Stupid?

They talk about the evils of government but they think government should dictate everything about our private lives, from when we have our babies and how we raise them to what we're allowed to say and think.

We're Americans. We're supposed to love freedom. I don't want to live in a country full of Stepford families with their brains programmed by Big Brother. Do you?

I guess we Democrats aren't so "different" after all, huh?

Dawn Rivers Baker


Baker is first vice chair of the Delaware County Democratic Committee.

Faith doesn't lead me to one party

Recently, I have found myself sympathizing with Democrats on some issues and feeling God shows me errors as well as successes in both parties and with the Bush administration. I agree I also want change in our government, but I know that the changes Mr. Obama wants are not changes that are or ever have been the American way. He is far too liberal and European in his ideas. This quote by Gov. Mike Huckabee at the Republican National Convention is an example of one of the reasons the USA is still great!: "I'm not Republican because I grew up rich, but because I didn't want to spend the rest of my life poor, waiting for the government to rescue me."

Also, Sarah Palin is a great choice for VP and will bring feminine reasoning and approach to the White House.

As for my faith, it leads my politics, therefore I am pro-Israel, in favor of intelligent design/scientific creationism, for faith-based programs, for school and government prayer and public display of the Ten Commandments, for freedom of speech and freedom of religion, for traditional family values with holy matrimony between one man and one woman only. My faith also leads me to be against abortion and euthanasia, pornography and against evolution being taught to our children as fact and against the incorrect modern misinterpretation of separation of church and state.

Where my faith moves me into the Democratic realm is in the areas of immigration, death penalty, energy conservation/natural environment and the war in Iraq.

The answers will not be found in our next president or his political party but in Christ alone, and he will lead and guide his bride/body the church; in God we trust. God bless America, one nation, under God.

John (JP) Pasquale

Livingston Manor

Inflation increased by money creation

My 1936 Winston Simplified Dictionary describes inflation as "abnormal expansion, as of prices; specifically expansion of the currency."

"What Has Government Done to Our Money," by Professor Murray N. Rothbard, explains inflation as, "any increase in the economy's supply of money not consisting of an increase in the stock of money-metal."

In other words, inflation is caused by the issuing of more paper money by a government agency, thus increasing the amount of money in circulation in order to lend, borrow and pay interest in this manner. It cheapens the money already in circulation. Money substitutes such as checks are also a form of lessening the value of the money in circulation.

Borrowing and lending through lavish creation of new paper money results in less buying power of the dollars in our pocket. Through lavish creation and spending by a government agency, legislation is passed and put into practice without the knowledge or consent of those of us who would refuse to be taxed for it.

Lavish creating, borrowing and lending rewards us with less of our original worth. If properly recognized, it can be controlled and even reversed.

Beth Whitcher


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