Gov’t gets away with what Madoff didn’t

Bernie Madoff goes to prison for doing the same thing our government has been doing to us for 70 years with Social Security, with both talking people into investing with them. However, Bernie didn’t invest their money and he is off to jail for the same thing the government has been doing. The only difference between the two is one was operated by a private individual now in jail, the other is operated by politicians who continue to enjoy perks, privileges and status for doing the same.

The comparisons are: Bernie takes money from investors with the promise that the money will be invested and made available to them later. Social Security takes money from wage earners with the promise that the money will be invested in a “trust fund” and made available later. Instead of investing the money, Madoff spends it on nice homes and yachts. With Social Security, instead of depositing money into a “trust fund,” the politicians use it for general spending and “vote buying.”

When the time comes to pay the investors back, both simply use the funds from newer investors to pay back the older investors. When Madoff’s scheme is discovered, all hell breaks loose. New investors won’t give him any more cash. When Social Security runs out of money, politicians simply force the taxpayers to send more to pay the geezers off. Bernie Madoff is in jail while politicians remain in Washington. Madoff is just one screwing the public. We have 545-plus politicians doing a job on the U.S.

Jack W. Harmon


Our problems need

to be fixed now

I have talked to quite a few people about our government’s proposal to cut Social Security benefits and raise the retirement age to 67 or 69. Many (all) of them are very irate about this, including me.

One excuse is that they say inflation has not gone up! This, to me, is a complete lie. People who are dependent on a fixed income are getting hit the hardest from higher and higher taxes and higher electric bills, and the price of gas and fuel oil is going up _ again.

I have always thought that the wealthiest Americans should pay their fair share in taxes to fix some of the budget problems, not the least of which are here in New York state.

Another thing that needs to happen is that we need to bring manufacturing jobs back to this country. The business leaders would do our country a lot of good if they’d stop “outsourcing” our jobs to China. This needs to change now _ not 20 years from now.

I can’t understand why the government wants to stick it to the people who depend on Social Security. If I live to an old age, I’ll probably die of starvation because of little (or no) Social Security payments.

I can also foresee dying on the job an old man because I’ll just have to forget about retiring because they’ll keep raising the retirement age.

OK, maybe I’m too worried about the ways things are going. But, if I’m not concerned, it seems I wouldn’t be human.

Robert Caffee


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