Columnist compared apples to oranges

I want to thank Chuck Pinkey for his in-depth economic analysis of the principality of Andorra. His commentary is always so well-reasoned. Our nation of 310 million has got a lot to learn from this state of 84,000 people and 181 square miles. Why can’t we be like them? I, too, believe that it can be useful to compare marbles to wrecking balls, or petunias to redwoods. I also liked the way that Mr. Pinkey put the British in their place. Listening to them has made me vomit also. Finally, it’s good to know that I can travel to Andorra and find a McDonald’s or a KFC. Who would travel to Europe and eat European food?

Gregory Crowell


People should

adopt a grave

Recently, we were visiting a grave of a relative and happened to notice some of the graves around us. There were a lot that had no flowers on them. I got thinking, these people were someone’s mother, father, sister, brother, etc., and it’s a shame there is no one to honor their memory. We found a grave nearby and pulled the weeds and went to the greenhouse and bought some flowers and planted them. If everyone adopted just one grave and put flowers on it at least once a year, I think that would be a wonderful way to honor that person’s memory; plus I know it made me feel good after we did this. I hope everyone will do this and adopt someone’s grave.

Judith Scanlon


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