Obama is ruining nation's greatness

I was shocked when I read the Street Talk interviews in the Nov. 9 issue. I find it hard to believe that anyone can have a favorable opinion of President Obama after almost a year in office.

America has had a history of occasional economic downturns that have always corrected itself with tax cuts or just letting the business world work out of it.

Obama has done everything possible to made a bad situation worse by putting our great grandchildren in a sea of red ink.

We are sitting on a vast oil reserve that we are not allowed to drill. We are forced to buy oil from nations that hate us. He wants us to pay triple the amount for our energy needs to pay for his cap-and-trade policy. Although the U.S. uses much energy, of that we produce two-thirds of the world's food production.

The U.S. has donated more in aid to the world then the rest of the nations combined. We have given hundreds of thousands of lives and limbs of our people so that much of the world can live in freedom, yet our president has made a habit to travel the world to apologize for us. HOW SHAMEFUL!

He has appointed czars who are downright radicals _ people who admire former and present world leaders such as Mao and Castro who have murdered millions of their own citizens.

Although it's far from perfect, he wants to dismantle the best health care system on the planet _ and even put you in jail if you refuse to take part in his new plan.

Citizens, wake up. Your country is being taken away from you!

Donald Urtz

Richfield Springs

Don't cut funds for sheriff's department

The Otsego County Board of Representatives should be very careful when cutting corners on the sheriff's department.

I now live in Burke County, Ga., and since Jan. 1, we've had 405 break-ins _ with no end in sight. My court cases are 15 to 30 percent higher since June. As unemployment goes higher, so does the crime; 25 percent of the defendants have no jobs, so they don't pay their fines. A bench warrant is issued and they go to jail. Believe me, your jails are going to get fuller, so cutting staff is not going to help your situation what-so-ever.

I think Mr. Lindberg is on the right track. Cuts need to be made in other departments, not a department that protects the residents of Otsego County.

You have an excellent sheriff's department. Don't downgrade it. That last sentence is more than I can say about our sheriff's department down here.

R. D. Manchester

Keysville, Ga.

Manchester is a municipal court judge in Sardis, Ga., and a former resident of Otsego County.

Star shouldn't print minors' names

I find it unusual that The Daily Star seems to have no qualms about revealing the names of 16-year-old youths arrested for petit larceny and criminal mischief (Police Blotter: Nov. 12 and 13) while maintaining a policy of not revealing the names of women who accuse men of alleged sex crimes _ even when the charges have been proven to be unfounded.

Perhaps The Star needs to re-examine its current policies.

Roger Weiss


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