Marine patrol is necessary to lakes

It has come to my attention that the Administrative Committee of the Otsego County Board of Representatives has cut funding for the Sheriff's Marine & Recreation Vehicle Division from the proposed 2010 county budget. This includes the sheriff's boat patrols on Otsego, Canadarago and Goodyear lakes.

The Otsego Lake Association strongly recommends that the full board of representatives restore the funding for the Marine & Recreation Vehicle Division for 2010. It is our understanding that the total budget for this division is $12,500, with a local cost to the county of only $3,125. The balance is paid for by New York state.

Otsego County Sheriff Richard Devlin worked closely with the state Office of Parks and Recreation in 2008 and 2009 to obtain two new patrol boats and equipment totaling approximately $175,000 to patrol the lakes in Otsego County.

Several deputies have also been trained in navigation law enforcement and water rescue. The sheriff's department has worked closely with the local fire departments and they have trained together on water rescue. The sheriff's department is currently dispatched along with the local fire departments to provide assistance and resources. The sheriff's department also offers boating safety courses and provides loaner floatation devices to boaters. In other words, the sheriff's patrol not only protects but educates as well.

The sheriff's department is the only law enforcement agency that routinely patrols our lakes. Unless funding is restored for 2010, there will be no sheriff's patrol on our lakes to enforce navigation laws, promote safe boating, or assist in a water rescue. Safety on our lakes should be paramount in the minds of our elected representatives.

K. Wayne Bunn


Bunn is president of the Otsego Lake Association.

Teachers work hard to help students

This letter is in response to one by Sherry Terry of South Kortright that states teachers don't teach. She states that teachers don't teach, they just go on field trips and give themselves a pay raise. Are you serious? I was completely offended by your generic and rude comment toward a profession that I love, and yes, I am a teacher.

I know that I am not only speaking for myself when I tell you that there are many teachers that dedicate long hours, often away from our own families, working on lesson-planning and ways to enhance our teaching to reach all students in our classrooms. Our salaries are set by a school and they are based on the school budget, which is voted on by the public.

Honestly, if you were to add up money spent by teachers and the hours spent in and out of classrooms on preparing for our children's education, there is no way you can say "Teachers are in it for the money."

I can understand your concern that there is a tremendous amount of pressure placed on our children entering school. This has nothing to do with teachers themselves, but our New York state education system. They are the ones that set the standards that we are to uphold and create the "lovely" state test that our children are required to take.

What is it that you think our kids need? Math, science, history and social studies are important, but children need love, confidence, encouragement, someone to talk to, someone to listen, standards to live by. Teachers provide these upright examples. Take a walk to your local school and see for yourself _ teachers changing lives for the better each and every day!

Michelle Dibble


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