Lynch is fair-minded

Congratulations to Fourth Ward Alderman Mike Lynch. He has proved that there is at least one fair-minded person within our city government.

The actions on the part of the mayor's office, the Oneonta Police Department and The Daily Star have been inexcusable regarding charges against three city police officers. The officer that is refusing to resign is to be commended. It is unfortunate that the two that resigned early did not "stand their ground" and do the same.

The Oct. 16 front page 'splash' by The Star shows a quote from the mayor's office: "Due to the protection provided to police officers under the Civil Rights Law section 50-a, no information shall be released at this time regarding the officer's identity or the disciplinary charges." Is the mayor and/or police upper echelon exempt from following this law?

If these three men did indeed act in a way 'unbecoming an officer' why was this not taken care of internally by OPD?

The Star, on Oct. 21 mentions further details that might raise another question here. Why have the females connected to these so-called incidents not been exposed? They, in no way, should be viewed as victims and/or innocent bystanders.

Mr. Lynch commented, "I am concerned with the manner in which these events were/are being handled has the potential to lead to a crisis of confidence within our community." Yes, indeed, some people within the public sector will question the alleged actions but I hope that they can bear in mind that there are ALWAYS two sides to EVERY story and we have been exposed to only one.

B. Thomson

Mount Vision

Shame on officers

As the wife of a retired police officer, I need to express my feelings on the mess at the Oneonta Police Department. There are many men and women in the force who have morals. Please don't judge them by what a few fellow officers deemed necessary to do.

To them I say, "shame on you" for putting your fellow officers in this position and showing them such disrespect and for not representing that badge the way it should be. My God, what were you thinking? You certainly weren't thinking of your wives and children. I hope the fun you had is worth what you very well may lose _ not to mention your jobs in this day and age. Remember, innocent people don't resign.

I cannot believe, with the sexual diseases out there, that you would subject your wives to this. Talk about selfish and self-centered.

Your job is to serve and protect, so I truly hope you were using protection while you were serving.

To you young women out there whothink it is all right to fool around with these officers (I know it takes two), here's a little info for you. They put their shoes and socks on like any other man. Take them out of the uniform and you have a man like any other.

I hope these officers are proud of what they did, but tell me, what do you say to your children? Is this the example of what being a daddy and husband are all about?

Lu Anne Clapp


Sock Hop was just like the old days

Regarding the Moose Sock Hop, yes, the hall was crowded, but everyone I knew or could see had a great time. The crowded conditions were just like the old days. Always crowded and fun!

The music, performers, food and environment were great.

Where else could anyone have had such a great time for $5?

Thanks to WDOS, the Moose Lodge, and so many hard-working members who made such a fun night possible. The Moose Lodge does so much good. The Moose organization supports a complete village for orphans and also a retirement home in Florida, as well as supporting the Oneonta area.

Thank you, thank you, to all who made this night so much fun. We look forward to the next sock hop, crowded or not.

Barbara Harkenreader


Treasurer's office isn't about party

Some candidates running for office get elected because of party affiliation, not because of abilities and qualifications. The office they seek may have nothing to do with their party affiliation. Isn't it true that the Otsego County treasurer is such an office?

This office requires constant monitoring of financial resources to fund existing programs, maintaining an equitable tax system, and assuring the continuity and increase of county resources. To do this requires informed asset management abilities and knowledge about how and when to seek funding from outside the county. Therefore, we Otsego County voters should fill that office with the most able person seeking election.

In this election, we have the good fortune of having Dan Crowell running for county treasurer. Mr. Crowell has extraordinary education and experience in economics and financial management. He chose to leave that background to return to this area. Not only does he have the experience for this office, he will bring the personal attributes of keen intelligence, fine interpersonal skills, and discerning analytic abilities. And, with all this, he is a really likeable human being.

We could not have a better qualified person to carry out the office of Otsego County Treasurer. And we could not give our county government, our economic situation, and ourselves a better boost than to elect this outstanding candidate.

Sam Wilcox


Crowell can face county's challenges

In these difficult economic times, Otsego County needs a treasurer that can make a difference. Dan Crowell brings to the table the skills needed to do the job. He has the accounting experience necessary, as well as years of proficiency in the financial software that the county uses. In fact, he has trained people in the use of that program.

It's always a positive thing to have someone in place who knows even more than what their immediate task requires. Dan Crowell's years in economic development would bring to our county government much-needed insight into economic development. As someone who grew up in the county (Dan graduated from Cooperstown High School), Dan understands the area, and his vast experiences brought to the local level can only enhance the job he would do as treasurer.

Dan Crowell can bring to the treasurer's office a level and breadth of experience well beyond those who have held the office before. Otsego County residents can benefit from those experiences. All they have to do is vote for Dan Crowell for treasurer on Nov. 3.

Jeff Katz


Crowell ready to serve community

We urge our fellow Otsego County residents to join us in voting for Dan Crowell for Otsego County treasurer on Election Day.

Dan is a Cooperstown native who, like so many of our local leaders, left the area to gain education and experience but has returned to settle down, raise a family and serve our community. His knowledge of computer systems and business experience make him ideally suited to come into the county treasurer's office and make it more cost-effective and accountable to the taxpayers.

Vote Crowell for county treasurer on Election Day!

Ben and Diana Friedell


Bernier makes Oneonta better

Cast your vote for Lucy Bernier on Election Day.

I have known Judge Lucy Bernier in many facets of her life _ elementary school parent, fellow chorister as well as personal attorney. She has always proven to be thorough, thoughtful, and true to herself.

Lucy has held the position of Oneonta City Court Judge for more than five years. She has a reputation for fairness and integrity. She has worked as city prosecutor and assistant district attorney, and has been a law guardian in Family Court. This breadth of experience has served her well. Oneonta is a better place with Judge Bernier on the bench.

Please join me in casting your vote for Lucy Bernier, Oneonta City Court Judge, on Nov. 3.

Sarah M. Patterson


Crowell won't embarass county

Lately the office of county treasurer has been a source of embarrassment for many county residents. The new computer tax program has apparently caused problems, but the fault was not with the program, rather with those who didn't know how to use it. What we need is an expert in the treasurer's position.

We are fortunate because Dan Crowell is running for county treasurer and he's just such an expert. Dan is trained in the very computer program used by the treasurer's office. During a recent "get to know the candidates" meeting, I was impressed with Dan and his ideas for improving the treasurer's office. He believes in transparency and cooperation among county offices and committees.

As examples, unlike current practice, he would hold a monthly meeting of committee heads so they each would have an idea of the big picture for the county to help them coordinate efforts. He would prepare five-year summaries of budget figures for the various committees so they would have some basis for deciding on new programs and expenditures. This would be invaluable for the newer committee members. He has access to people and organizations that can be sources of help.

Dan Crowell lives in Middlefield with roots in the community. His parents, Greg and Helen, are well-respected in the area.

He's not running for county treasurer to garner a new income source; he really cares about this area and wants to help improve the way things are done. Meet him and talk to him and you'll leave knowing he's the guy who can do it.

It's time for a change. Let's sweep out the old and start with a new county treasurer with fresh, new ideas. Elect Dan Crowell for county treasurer.

Edward "Ben" Snyder

Fly Creek and Tarpon Springs, Fla.

HAVA's promise is unfulfilled

The seventh anniversary of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) was Oct. 29. How much closer are we to the promise of fully accessible, private and independent voting for all of New York's citizens? HAVA calls for training election staff "on how to best promote the access and participation of individuals with disabilities in elections for federal office." Yet, discrimination remains a problem in all areas of the state.

Advocates and lawmakers worked to ensure physical access to the electoral process through legislation passed by both houses and recently vetoed by Gov. David Paterson, to align state law with existing federal guidelines on access. Paterson's veto of the Polling Site Access Bill is deeply troubling to the disability community because his decision was made in part on the erroneous assertion that the bill would be expensive for New York City to implement. Federal HAVA funds have been available, not just to replace voting systems, but for making polling sites accessible.

In his veto message, Governor Paterson offers a "working group to ensure that full access for individuals with disabilities to NYC's polling places will be implemented", but this does not take into account the rest of the state.

Prior to the passage of HAVA, the disability community documented barriers to access at polling sites all across the state. We have worked with varying success with our local election boards to remedy those barriers and have even offered information on low- or no-cost solutions.

Paterson says he will seek enactment of legislation that would achieve accessible polling sites if no progress is made by May. What progress he anticipates is not clear. What is obvious is that on the seventh anniversary of HAVA, the disability community must continue to wait for its promises to be fulfilled.

Charles Reichardt


Reichardt is systems advocate for Catskill Center for Independence.

Crowell good fit for treasurer

Very simply put, Dan Crowell is so educated and experienced in accounting, financing and rural economies, he fits Otsego County to a T. His potential to help the county in these lean times is unsurpassed.

Shouldn't the county treasurer's office be professionally run without misplaced decimal points and unexpected taxes? Shouldn't the taxpayers get their $62,000 worth?

This time around, let's get our money's worth. Vote Dan Crowell on Nov 3.

B. P. Dunn


Don't abandon the elderly

I understand the county is trying to close some of the nutrition meal sites in the county.

Some of these elderly people only have this one good meal a day. People are not getting this for nothing. They put a few dollars every day into the box. The county is the one getting this money.

Many elderly people live alone, and going to a nutrition site is the only way they get to eat with other people. The government is taking enough away from the elderly. The county doesn't have to. Don't forget, you are getting older, and someday soon, you will be in the same boat.

When this elections come up, we all need to be careful who we vote for.

Edna Baker

East Worcester

Crowell brings change to office

Over the last three or four years, we have been distressed at the many reports of errors, disagreements, accusations, and denials surrounding the office of the county treasurer.

While many details are not known to us, it was clear that change was needed. Indeed, the Republican Party did not endorse the incumbent treasurer. The Democratic Party has brought forth a highly qualified candidate.

This is an opportunity to significantly improve the future of the financial matters that are so critical to all of us!

We need a treasurer with broad experience in finance, a solid educational background, excellent communication skills, a vision for the financial health of the county, and the ability to present and implement changes to the existing financial structure as needed.

Dan Crowell is that person, and we urge you to vote for him as county treasurer on Nov. 3! The nature of the treasurer position is not just having a qualified accountant in office. It is much more.

Let's bring in a person who can ensure a high level of accountability, work well with the existing staff, take a close look at the current financial systems and related policies, effectively present options for consideration by the board, and respond quickly to the questions and concerns of our representatives.

It is time for this change. Vote for Dan Crowell.

Tom and Linda Ryder


Clerk supports Pam Deane

As a fellow town clerk, I feel qualified to ask the voters in the town of Otsego to support your town clerk for the past 20 years, Pam Deane. Pam has seen many town supervisors, as well as town board members, come and go. She has been a constant voice of education and reason for them all.

As town clerks, our hours are never convenient for everyone. Pam goes out of her way to accommodate anyone and everyone at any time. Her knowledge of all of the facets of our job, her dedication to her town, her honesty, sense of humor and hard work are just a few of her admirable qualities.

Please go out and vote on Nov. 3, and vote for Pam Deane, your Otsego Town Clerk.

Beth Moakler


Crowell knows area and more

This year, at a critical time for Otsego County, we have the opportunity to elect a superbly qualified candidate for treasurer, Dan Crowell.

As a native who has returned, Dan combines the advantages of homegrown knowledge of Otsego County with the lofty qualifications of being a Fulbright Scholar at the London School of Economics, a consultant for the World Bank, specializing in assisting small communities, and a successful businessman.

He understands what went wrong with the budget under the current treasurer and has plans to stabilize the county's finances, working with and advising the county board of representatives. He can help take us beyond the missteps of the past and bring about a new era of efficiency to help us grow and save money.

Dan represents what we need, not only in Otsego County, but in upstate New York as a whole. He is one of our best and brightest, who has returned.

Dan came home, married the girl next door and is raising his family here in Otsego County. Although I am not a native, like Dan, I love Otsego County and New York.

More than 20 years ago, I moved here to practice medicine and raise my family. During these last 20 years, I have seen many changes in Otsego County, but still see too many of our children moving away because of the lack of opportunity. Dan sees this too, and is committed to helping steer Otsego County toward a new prosperity and to be a leader in making New York once again the Empire state.

Join me in supporting Dan Crowell for Otsego County treasurer, and cast a vote for a bright new economic future!

Dr. Matthew E. Marvel


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