Keator familiar with county needs

This November the residents of Otsego County will elect a new county treasurer. I ask those residents to please vote for Ed Keator.

Having been an Otsego County board member for the last four years, I am keenly aware of the complexities of county government finances. What Otsego County needs is someone who not only understands these complexities, but is able to communicate that understanding to the board of representatives. That person is Ed Keator.

Ed has the understanding and familiarity that Otsego County needs. On Jan 1, Ed will hit the ground running. Ed knows how the treasurer's offices operates. Ed is familiar with the many county accounts and their functions. Ed knows the system of reimbursements, reimbursements that lower local costs. Ed understands county finances. Ed knows the department heads. Ed knows the board members.

This is the type of experience that is essential in today's economic climate. This type of experience is essential to Otsego County. Please vote for experience. Vote for Ed Keator. Thank you.

Stephen D. Fournier


Fournier is a member of the Otsego County Board of Representatives.

Burn ban hurts citizens, police

Regarding the recent burn ban, I'm sure that this new infringement on citizens is a further crackdown by government.

This new law will be a boon to mankind as we know it. Everyone with a wood stove will certainly burn safe materials in the privacy of their homes. How much will be dumped on the back roads to comply with the ban?

Nothing has been mentioned when the ban is due on diesel trucks emitting black toxins into the atmosphere.

Doesn't law enforcement have enough to do with the increase in drugs and DWI to add this to their workload?

Lawrence Weill


Civility needed when talking economics

Civility. Mr. Clarence Page should be complimented on his excellent column of Sept. 23. Individuals often undermine their position when name calling enters the discussion. This has been the case in much of the recent dialogue about capitalism, communism and socialism.

Capitalism is that system in which society is organized, where individuals own and control the means of production. In this system, consumers are all-powerful as they pass signals on to producers as to what they will pay for the needs and desires they have.

For this system to operate, a means of exchange, money, must exist. Barter will not facilitate capitalism. The consumer, by buying and abstaining from buying, gives signals to producers as to what to produce and in what quantity and quality. This is a human being's most important vote.

Since modern governments serve special interests and do not allow a truly free market to operate, the theory of pure free-market capitalism has never been realized.

Communism, in modern times, is that system in which those in power in government own everything. The money vote of the consumer becomes meaningless and the rewards for hard work and entrepreneurship no longer reward their effort, and society stagnates.

Socialism is that system in which everyone tries to live at the expense of someone else, using the state as their means of coercion. The end result is a stagnant society in which everyone but those in power becomes poorer. Such has been the case in the USA.

Gerard Bourgeois


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