Sport Tech will be missed

  It is with great sadness that we note the closing of another local business. Sport Tech has been a part of a generation of our family’s participation in sports and fitness activities.

Responsible, locally owned small businesses not only provide the uniqueness that makes a community what it is but they also return their profits directly to that community in the form of jobs, investment and sponsorships. 

Sport Tech was such a business. Take a look through your drawer of T-shirts accumulated over years of participation in various activities in this community and look at the list of sponsors often printed on the back.  Sport Tech will nearly always be on that list.

 To Bob and Nancy, Cameron and Ed, we salute you and hope that your future endeavors will be nearly as successful

Paul and Martha Clarvoe




Dems misrepresented vote at convention

The Democratic Convention was a scam. They can’t even call the results of a convention platform vote honestly.

On Sept. 5, a voice vote was taken to recognize “Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.” Three times there were resounding “no’s.”

Obama had called for its removal. Because Fox News made its removal an issue and because Obama needs the Jewish vote, Obama instructed it to be reinstated. So, the embarrassed monitor falsely called the “no” vote as a “yes” vote with two-thirds majority. The objection of the delegates did not prevail.

National party leaders who pull these sorts of shenanigans make their entire party a corrupt, illegitimate party. Shame on you if you support a party where your vote doesn’t count in your own Democratic party.

Jean Jones



Illegal aliens don't deserve college aid

This is in response to the bill that Sheldon Silver wants to pass. He is supposed to be educated, but he doesn’t know what illegal means. Illegal immigrants are breaking the law. Why should we reward them? They should be deported. We should not waste taxpayers’ money on them. Any representative that votes for this should be kicked out of office. They do not represent the taxpayer.

The same goes for our representatives in Washington. They are not out for the taxpayer. Tax money should be spent on legal U.S. citizens, not foreigners of foreign countries. This is all part of the U.N. one-world government. We do not want this. We want to be the United States of America.

Floyd Macumber

Mount Upton


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