In a July 1 letter to the editor titled “Fracking ads sound odd on public radio,” Mr. Dennis Higgins expressed his concerns about the American Natural Gas Alliance’s underwriting support of National Public Radio. In the letter, he implied that WSKG receives financial support from ANGA and other corporations in the gas industry. 

To clarify, WSKG does not receive a dime from ANGA. WSKG is not National Public Radio. WSKG is small affiliate station that has no control over who supports NPR. NPR’s fundraising decisions are its own. WSKG has not and will not accept any financial support from any companies involved with, or organizations advocating for, fracking, nor from anti-drilling advocates. We have also refused to rent our studio (forgoing thousands of dollars in income) to an independent production company that was going to use the space to produce videos for the gas industry. We were asked by the production company to look the other way in regards to its funder; we did not. 

So you see, I too, like Mr. Higgins, am very disappointed that NPR continues to accept ANGA funding. We have asked NPR to reconsider its decision to accept this funding and have explained that it puts WSKG in a very difficult position. So far, we have not been persuasive enough. I would encourage you to contact NPR directly. Perhaps together we could persuade them to change their minds. 

Brian Sickora


Sickora is president and chief executive officer of WSKG Public Media. 

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