Well Jim, let me ask you a few questions on our great volunteers of all counties. 

Do you know protocol? Somehow I doubt it. I have never heard nine, or even seven, toneouts for the same call. I also have a scanner and in our house we have pagers; we get calls on our cellphones. No, we cannot respond to all calls because of one reason or another. Yes, I am fire police, and my wife is EMS, and though I have not been responding to calls because of medical reasons, I plan on returning soon. My wife responds to all the calls she can. I also know many that respond from their businesses and, yes, some employers let the workers go.

We live in the country, the Catskill Mountains; it takes time to respond to calls. Ambulances are not on every corner. Some towns don’t have them, but they do have volunteers that respond to EMS calls.

Why do we volunteer? Hmm ... because we care! Because we do this to be called out all hours in all weather? Not counting the hours and time put in on calls. Do you know the hours it takes to to be certified and qualified to do these volunteers jobs safely?

Now for your question about putting people into nursing homes. Many do because there is no other choice, but many don’t. Why? Maybe it’s money. Maybe it’s lack of insurance or maybe it’s loving family and friends.

I for one think the volunteers throughout this nation are HEROES. We all volunteer as brothers and sisters to help.

Maybe you should consider living someplace you think it’s faster or better; just my opinion.

Volunteers aren’t paid. But that one “thank you,” that one hug is all it takes to know why we are out there helping to save lives and property.

Wayne Wyckoff

Grand Gorge

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