Mayor deserves praise and second term

Our able mayor of the last three-plus years, Richard (Dick) Miller, has announced his intention to run again for the office he now holds, modified to a degree by a vote-approved city manager, so the Common Council, mayor and C.M. will be a good trio team to run our fair city on our behalf.

I heartily endorse the mayor’s desire, and hope many more will do the same. He has reached out to each member of the council, and both major parties. His upbeat and realistic perspectives have imported some elements of both major parties in an independent way where ever possible. He has the endorsement of one party, and seeks the other. May he secure it, and continue his solid leadership to benefit us all, as we slowly emerge into a productive and well-rounded economy where all may prosper and be secure. 

We are a stable and vibrant small city of different faiths and cultures pleasantly situated in the western Catskills of our Empire State. Let us continue this caring and prudent political leadership into the unknown future to bless our best hopes and desires, benefiting from two outstanding educational colleges and an excellent medical system, good public parks, access to Interstate 88, healthy business and our Foothills Performing Arts and Civic Center. May each of us continue to appreciate all the good we have here.

Rev. Ken Baldwin


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