Natural method is best birth control

Abortion is a “hot” political issue.

The side that favors abortion is the one that has the most to gain by legal abortion. Abortionists make a living by performing abortions and therefore are the political side that favors abortion. Unwittingly, the birth control pill works not only to prevent abortion but also to induce an abortion; it works sometimes by aborting a new fetus of human life (a human egg is fertilized). Sometimes called the morning-after pill, the birth control pill can be used to abort a newly formed fetus.

The use of the birth control pill has also been highly suspected of increasing a woman’s risk for cancer; especially in the event where a woman takes the birth control pill to her age of 55. Since a woman’s menstrual period is stopped by the birth control pill, the menstrual period cannot be used as an indicator that a woman’s fertility period has come to an end; therefore the birth control pill must be continued to age 55. Hormones are intended to be controlled by nature and not artificially; therefore a woman’s hormonal imbalance can contribute to cancer.

Therefore, for obvious reasons, there are two preferred ways of birth control: Natural birth control and the condom; both of these methods do not involve hormonal changes in a woman’s system. Men as well as women must be aware of the dangers of the birth control pill, to protect a woman’s health.

The best method of birth control is the natural method of periodic abstinence; if done properly, it is the most reliable and most safe.

Louis Nicholson

Fly Creek

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