My name is Jennie Williams, registered nurse, resident of Oneonta, writing on behalf of those affected by the racetrack recently opened in our area — some of whom are low-income and elderly.

I am writing to protest the actions of Delaware County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jim Eisel Sr., and the town and planning boards, in allowing a race track to be built in close proximity to the homes of local residents.

Noise can seriously disrupt lives and remove peaceful enjoyment of home, family and property.

I’m told that that no environmental impact study was required for the project. If true, this is not appropriate.

Apparently, local residents were misinformed about the planned track activities and misinformed about town noise ordinances.

Sound modification devices are not is use on the bikes.

Town officials have disregarded the well-being of taxpaying residents in favor of the interests of a handful of investors and their investment manager.

I agree that the operating agreement between town officials and the track should be annulled and that the planning board be investigated for possible violation of the Open Meetings Law and the Freedom of Information Law.

Please consider this letter an expression of my disapproval.

I offer this article on Noise Exposure and Public Health as a useful start in questioning the preventable noise pollution of our local friends and neighbors homes:

Jennie Williams


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