This letter is for county residents not living in the town of Middletown. Here in Middletown, we have been blessed with Gary Rosa as one of our town justices for 20 years. 

Ask yourself, what would make a good county judge? My guess would be fairness, knowledge of the laws, an ability to listen to both sides of the case and an attitude that doesn’t intimidate. If those are some of the same qualities you would look for in a county judge, then I have just described Gary Rosa. 

I’m sure Mr. Becker has tried to do the best job he could, but it’s time for a new set of ears and eyes at the county level. Middletown may be losing a dedicated town justice, but the county residents should benefit from this man’s knowledge and professional qualities. That’s why on election day, I will be voting for Gary Rosa and hopefully you will be also.

Henry Friedman


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