I am writing about my concern for the sale of Otsego Manor. I am an Otsego resident, pay my taxes, and am also a former Manor employee of 30 years.

Over the years, I got to know residents and family members. It was very difficult to know that the residents of the nursing home had nowhere else to go and that the nursing home was their “permanent home.” For the board to sell the nursing home is like selling their “home” without their control.

I am very concerned about the privatization of our county nursing home turning out like the Delaware County nursing home. I would hate to think of a loved one being “shipped” out far away, making it difficult for elderly spouses to visit.

I am also concerned about the staff. Many of them are near retirement and would lose out.

I would hope the residents of Otsego County think about this. Many of the elderly in our local area, as well as surrounding areas, may need a place to stay one day when they are unable to care for themselves and have no family able to care for them.

I also hope the residents of Otsego County remember, if the Otsego Manor is sold to a private individual that the members of the Board of Representatives were the ones to do this on their own. The residents of the nursing home do not want it sold, nor do Otsego County residents.

We, Otsego County residents, voted these board members into office to work for us and do what is best for us; not just necessarily what they want. I know it may raise taxes a bit. Perhaps they could look at other ways of cutting back money, while bringing in more money to run it.

Debra Reed


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