It is ironic that, while young Americans from Schoharie County are fighting to support democracy and the rule of law in lands far away, Sheriff Tony Desmond of Schoharie County and some others are proud to announce that they will not enforce the laws of New York state that will save lives by limiting bullets and registering mass-murder weapons. 

The sheriff’s office said that its mission is “protection of life, enforcement of laws, and prevention of crime.”

Desmond has decided not to do these things, so he should resign. He cannot choose to enforce only the laws approved by the gun fanatics. 

I live in Otsego County and in order to reach our auto mechanic in Troy or visit Massachusetts family or the cancer clinic in Boston, Schoharie County must be traversed. So if the citizens of Schoharie County wish to keep their law enforcement in the hands of lawless NRA servants, they should establish a corridor through the county where the laws of our country and state are respected to allow other Americans to pass safely and serenely. 

This has been done in lawless zones in Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

Edward F. Danielski


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