On protesters:

“Some people have way too much time on their hands. ‘They’ have time to make signs and parade around screaming about other people who are just trying to do their jobs. If there’s nothing to protest in their own cities, they go to other places and stick their noses in things that are none of their business. Clean up you own back yard before telling others what to do. This goes for life in general. Mind your own business!”

On the new city administrator:

“During the hearings regarding the adoption of new Oneonta City Charter, Greg Mattice was an outspoken critic about the need for a city manager. Isn’t it eerie that Mattice has been hired to fill that role? His recent comments to The Star are all about how this new job will be good for him and his career. I wonder what he will accomplish for the city?”

“Greg Mattice has been a fine city engineer, but there is no excuse for hiring anyone for a city administrator position that is unnecessary. Changing the title from city manager to city administrator does nothing to make the position more palatable. The mayor and council should have appointed a charter commission to revise the failed 2012 charter, eliminate the unneeded manager/administrator and give the elected mayor the legitimate executive authority that has been lacking in the past.”

On the proposed Schenevus-Worcester merger: 

“Merge with an unsustainable school district? Why? Merge and save money? Please! These ‘savings’ haven’t happened yet, and this proposed merger won’t be the first. Seems like you’re most interested in preserving your property values. Let’s get the children off the table. They will be educated and cared for. Either in a merged district or spread among existing districts, which makes the most sense economically.”

On the state of the nation:

“Oh, a curse is upon us. The socialists have stolen the election. Think of all of the horrible burdens like Social Security, Medicare and unemployment insurance they forced on us when they dominated the country before.  Now they are trying to deprive us our right to breathe carbon monoxide fumes and to expose ourselves and others to COVID-19 by not wearing masks and not following CDC rules. Our freedom means nothing to them. Trump and his Proud Boys and all the other forms of white supremacy are standing by, ready to correct the situation. He has the support of the Republication National Committee, which shows how much the Republicans want to make America great again. Really?”

On Republicans:

“Sixty years of being a Republican — and I switched! Going by the corner of Montecello Road and 25A in Richfield, to see a sign for the Republican highway superintendent, and on the porch of the house a flag for Trump. And a flag that states ‘F--- Biden.’ Where are we going? Are no Republicans embarrassed? In a neighborhood, visitors passing, school buses .... I just don’t get it !” 

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