On college resuming:

“I do hope Otsego and Delaware counties are aware of the future spike of COVID-19 when our Ivy League colleges: Hartwick, SUCO and SUNY Delhi embrace the out-of-town students in late August. Online courses will be boring.. Will social distancing and masks be mandatory for their frat and sorority parties? And at the party’s end, as these snowflakes walk back to their dorms, will they social distance as they drunkenly walk the streets at 4 a.m. waking up all the residents. The theme for this years semester is by the rock group KISS: ‘I want to rock and roll all night, and party every day!’”

“Soon we will have the return of the college students and I fear this virus will take off and spread. The city and college leadership really need to have a solid game plan to help minimize the spread of the virus..Watchful of bars, gatherings, house parties, wearing of mask and so forth. This could turn really bad if we do not stay diligent on all virus protocols. The city has been doing pretty good so far with few cases. Let’s keep it that way.”

On the BLM memorial in Oneonta:

“Re: Common Council unanimous approval of Black Lives Matter memorial: I’ve never been prouder of Oneonta and our elected officials.”

On a Sound Off on Bubba Wallace:

“What a mean spirited and uninformed letter! First of all, someone did put a noose, with it’s obvious threatening connotation, in the garage at some time when an ordinary loop pull would do. So while it may not have been specific to Bubba, the racist message was still there. And if you had been paying attention, you would know that Bubba has been putting up better numbers than previous Richard Petty Motorsports drivers. As for the attention grab, it was a teammate, not Bubba, who reported the incident. He didn’t seek out the spotlight but was thrust into it. I think his fellow drivers and teammates are proud they stood literally and figuratively with him on the track that day. A ‘queen bee’ would not have broken down with emotion in Richard Petty’s arms. Race fans come in all sizes shapes, genders and colors, I welcome everyone — deal with it”

On bathroom choice:

“To the person concerned about there being only one bathroom at Price Chopper, this could be why: The brainless men and women believing themselves to be of the opposite sex of which they were born can now use the bathroom of ‘choice’ when in a public facility, having received consent from nitwit politicians. The nauseating law allows pervert men to use a women’s restroom even when occupied by young girls. This is also allowed in schools. And by the same token, women can enter men’s restroom when occupied by ‘real’ men boys. This too is allowed schools. Seems to me a ‘one bathroom fits all’ is best for any public facility. Thank your previous administration on president and all who fell for this despicable law and his seditious goal to destroy America and its family values.”

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