On the closure and reopening of the Neahwa Park entrance:

“I hope the experiment of closing Gas Avenue entrance into Neahwa Park is OVER. What a stupid idea. I live in East End and it is ridiculous that I would have to drive way down to River Street entrance when I go past Gas Avenue!”

On the DRI 

“Central to Oneonta’s DRI grant program were integrated improvements in sightlines and walkability within our center city to attract and serve locals and visitors. Unfortunately, however, the hoped-for development of both the Ford Sales Building/site and the Westcott Lot along these lines now seems shelved. The Dietz Street housing project is promising, but was not part of the DRI vision. Attention should now turn to the next best alternative DRI “big idea” of the past two years — acquiring the empty lot between Foothills and Stella Luna to create a mini-park and inviting new primary entryway into Neahwa Park (closing the unfixable James Georgeson Ave entry). The opportunities for this new downtown public space are many. The current owners should agree to a reasonable market price, perhaps with the sweetener of naming rights. If not, New York State’s Eminent Domain Procedure Law is intended to support just such municipal efforts.”

On speeding in Gilbertsville: 

“The beautiful village of Gilbertsville gets no respect when it comes to drivers obeying the 30 mph speed limit. Very often people fly through the village on state Route 51 at 40, 45 and even 50 or more mph. The village is asking drivers to slow down for one mile, at best. I don’t think that’s asking too much. There are portions of the road where walkers and bikers, young and old, use the shoulder, as there is no sidewalk. There is also a long-standing deer crossing in this area. Slow it down! It’s 30 mph for a reason. You are not above the law.”

On the Mueller testimony:

“The Democrats finally got Mueller to explain his report to try to counteract Barr’s claim that the report exonerated Trump from having done anything wrong. Barr is Trump’s fixer now that Cohen is in jail. Mueller brought up many things Trump did, like the fact Trump, in his famous written answers asked by Mueller, didn’t answer many and lied in others. Mueller also stated Trump could be prosecuted after leaving office. Although the report showed Trump’s disregard for our laws, this didn’t stop the shameless ‘Greed is Great’ Republicans from loud but senseless rebuttal. One thing I haven’t heard the Republicans dispute is the letter that more than 1,000 credentialed prosecutors and judges signed saying the report indicated there was ample evidence that Trump could be prosecuted. This letter is indisputable proof of what Mueller’s report says and shows why Pelosi says Trump should be in jail.”

On volunteer EMS shortages:

“Statewide/regionwide re-enforcement of the concept of mutual aid should be put into action.”

On Chuck Pinkey’s July 27-28 column:

“Amen, Chuck! I 100% agree. Keep pushing back against the anti-American leftist Dems.”

“Chuck Pinkey is the archduke of willful ignorance of Otsego County. Chuck, Do you write anything that isn’t a hapless display of confirmation bias? All of your opinions are cursed. Of course Donald Trump is a racist: in word and in deed. Anyone who tries to obfuscate that fact or denies it doesn’t know the definition of racism and is a racist him or herself.”

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